Thursday, May 10, 2007

age old debate

last night i watched nightline because they were broadcasting a debate between two self-proclaimed atheist and two christians, kirk cameron and ray comfort, on the existence of God. you can watch this debate thanks to this youtube video.

this morning i was reading through some of the daily blogs i read and found a post from penless writer where she, also, had a debate going on through the many comments to her latest post. she did a great job responding to a comment from a gentleman, directed to her, questioning why she would believe in "propaganda" about a God that he obviously doesn't believe in.

it has made me wonder how i would respond to a direct confrontation with someone who wanted "proof" of God's existence. i don't think the two christians on nightline did a very good job making their case. the host commented that he didn't think either side could claim victory, but thought it was a good thing that their was such a debate. i agree with that.

to be honest, i wouldn't feel very confident in presenting proof of God's existence. i believe in God but i do more out of faith than any evidence. i'm not sure there will ever be enough evidence that would persuade a die-hard atheist. but i could be wrong.

i do feel strongly that whenever we are confronted with such an arguement, that we should respond in love and be slow to judge. that's what we would want from the opposition, so why wouldn't we extend that same courtesy to them?

if we want to be taken seriously, we not only need to present a convincing arguement, but to be loving and respectful. as the old song goes... they will know we are christians by our love... by our love. that might be the most compelling evidence out there.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Good words Diana! We are called to be a light in this dark and dying world. All we have to do is just let our light shine!! The rest is up to God and He certainly can handle it!!

Steve said...

This is well said. I didn't see the debate, but I've read that Kirk and Ray didn't shine too bright.

I heard Ray one time at the Huntington Beach pier. He was, more or less, street preaching and did a great job with those who had questions.

Dad said...

How can we prove God's existence? The Devil himself roars back through the non-believer to disprove anything we may say in a debate. I was left very cold and uneasy after seeing the debate. I don't think equal time was given as I heard very little from Kirk and Ray. I wonder if the youtube video really cover everything that occurred. But regardless, I have heard Kirk and Ray defend their faith in an outstanding manner. But proving God's existence needs the Holy Spirit to come along side to influence both parties. The atheists either weren't listening or probably were shunning His Spirit. I like your take and response, Diana. "They will know we are Christians by our love" and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.