Tuesday, May 15, 2007

8 random facts about me

susan, the penless writer, has put out a challenge to others to list seven or eight random facts about oneself. i chose to take her up on her request. so, here it is...

1. i grew up as a military brat. since my father was in the air force, we moved around quite a bit, but all within the united states. we moved every 1-2 years until i was in middle school. so, it was pretty much a new home, new school, and new friends each year. someday i will blog on this subject.

2. i only attended one year of college, and it was a junior college. this is one of only a few regrets i have in life. i've thought many times of trying to go back to get a degree, but never felt like i could handle it. my husband didn't attend college either. so we are thrilled to have our daughter going to a 4 year university.

3. my family has always been involved with the church. my mother is an ordained minister, my brother is an ordained minister, and my sister works at the same christian university she attended. my husband and i are youth directors.

4. growing up, i had always wanted to go sky diving. and so i did when i was nearly 20. it was a thrill that i will never forget. but, since i am now afraid of heights, i have no desire to do it again.

5. i used to live in southern california. once our daughter was born, we decided we didn't want to raise a family in the heavily congested area in which we lived. after weighing our options, we chose to move to the denver area. our son was born two months after our arrival here. we love it here and have never regretted our decision.

6. i love to camp. i didn't come from a camping family but i married into one. they nurtured my love for the outdoors and sleeping in a sleeping bag. my husband and i used to spend a week or two every summer camping as our summer vacation. it changed a little when the kids were little and we camped in the colorado mountains versus the california mountains. so we ended up buying a pop-up camper, which made things a lot easier. we haven't camped for a couple of years now. i miss it. and i still love spending time in the mountains.

7. i am fascinated with web design and have attempted to create my own site. i spent a couple of years teaching my self all i could about creating a web site. i know a lot about coding and even the do's and dont's. but i obviously don't know enough because every attempt i made, there were some kind of problems that i couldn't figure out how to correct. i now have new software to design a nice web site. but it's been months since i've played around with it and i just can't seem to get motivated to do create something.

8. i love chocolate covered strawberries and marie calendar's strawberry pie, with whip cream of course. i could eat these two items each and every day of my life. yum :)

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Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for doing this meme Diana. I really like them because you learn a little about the person. Blogging about moving so much as a child would really be interesting to us who lived in the same house and attended school with the same kids.

Anonymous said...

Great to get to know you better. I feel the same about not going to college:( I am very proud of my girls and all their efforts. They have both graduated from Bible school/academys and now in August my oldest will have her 4 yr. My youngest will begin in the fall. I love hearing about all their A's...who's kids are they?

I'll never understand the web. I can't even handle the comments that require the code boxes to post your comment, AHHHH!

Barb said...

I like the idea of 8 random facts. The only one that was a surprise to me was that you are now uneasy about heights. Interestingly, so am I.

I thought we were somewhere in the Air Force for 3 years - huh?! Guess I could ask your dad-----

Keep up the good work blogging.

Steve said...

I didn't know you grew up in a military family. Me too! What a coincidence!

When are we going to get together and work on web design.

Patois said...

Just followed the Blogger profile page to find you. You'd left a comment on my blog. I, too, was a military brat -- Air Force no less. We also were in the U.S. the whole time, although that included the glorious years in Hawaii. Loved these facts.