Tuesday, May 22, 2007

visual dna

a couple of days ago i put up a daily link to something called your visual dna. here's the link in case you didn't check it out when i first posted it :-)

i've been thinking about this site ever since i stumbled across it. it gives you a choice of fourteen photographs in which you're to pick one for each of the categories they give you. there are 13 categories and they are:

my art...my music...my treat...my landscape...my freedom...my love...
my gross...my like to do...my exciting free time...my holiday...
my vice...my bedroom...my drink

after you have gone through and picked a photograph for each category, you're given a formualated analysis of what kind of person you are. interesting, but still, just a formula.

even though the photographs they offer is a decent variety that goes well with each category, there may not be a photo that best depicts your personal answer. not only that, but their may be a photo given but you may use it as a different answer than the one they use for their formula.

by now, you may be saying, "so what!" i just thought it would be interesting to know what other people's responses might be to each category. i also thought i could maybe come up with better photos that would better depict my own answers.

so i'm going to blog about these 13 different categories over the next couple of weeks. i invite anyone who wants to join me by either blogging it on their own site or commenting my posts with your personal answers to each category.

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Jamey said...

I love the visual DNA! I did it on my blog a while ago. I got your comment on my Ball game post. That's cool that you are from this area too. I am originally from SD, but love Colorado! Thanks for stopping by, you are welcome anytime!