Monday, May 14, 2007

it's hailing

here's a picture i took earlier this evening. we had a pretty strong thunderstorm roll through. it dropped some hail on us and flooded many areas.

my family and i watched the storm clouds approaching. they did look very menacing. we kept looking for funnel clouds as the local news was telling us that we were under a tornado warning. but we didn't see anything that severe. just a little hail and a lot of thunder, lightning, and rain.

i love thunderstorms. there's different reasons i enjoy watching them. actually, it's not just watching them, but experiencing them that i enjoy.

i'm always in awe of the strength and power that drives the storm, or builds as the storm grows and moves through. i love watching the bolts of lightning. it fascinates me. it's like art. even the rumble of thunder thrills me.

you know what i really love? this may be hard for me to explain, but i'll try. i love the contrast of colors of the dark, dark sky and the neon green of the grass. i've tried to duplicate those colors, but never have been able to. i think it's all in the lighting. like the sun is still shining in some areas while the dark skies are still off in the distance.

and then there's the fact that a storm cools down the heat of the day, the smell of rain, and the beautiful rainbow that usually signifies that the storm has moved on. i love them all.

tornados, on the other hand, are scary. i've had some limited experience with them and i don't like them. but give me a thunderstorm any day and i'm a happy camper.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I concur with your thoughts and feelings about thunderstorms. I love to watch them out of a window, especially if you have a clear broad horizon.

To answer your question you left on your comment about Carmen - Coweta. It is 118 miles from Tulsa to Carmen - Coweta is about 325 miles SE of Tulsa - Carmen is about 35 miles NW of Enid so a aout186 miles. We are toward the Arkansas border and Carmen is toward the Kansas boarder. I looked all this up in the atlas to answer your question. I am not very familiar with the towns in Oklahoma even though I've lived here for years.

Steve said...

When I lived in Littleton as a kid, I too loved the thunderstorms.

Barb said...

I'll join the crowd liking thunderstorms. However, after having lived in OK, I know there might be a tornado lurking somewhere. But I still liked the storms. Watching cloud-to-cloud lightning at night is cool too.

To you and "penless thougts" I've been through Coweta. But it was a long time ago and I can't remember much about it.