Wednesday, May 16, 2007

welcome to the 80's

although i graduated in the 70's, i did listen to popular music during the 80's. the 80's was the decade of some weird and different music. i'm not a super big fan of the music from this time but there were some artist that i liked.

i recently came across HERE'S THE 80's. here's a web site that showcases most of the artists of the 80's. the blogger gives us a video of the artist/group and a little bit of trivia and/or their personal feelings regarding those being showcased. there are hundreds of videos in the archives and listed alphabetically.

i ended up spending an hour or so on the site just because i couldn't stop watching these videos. i hadn't seen most of them. some were a "music video" while others were just a filming of a live performance. i've watched some mtv, mostly in their early days when music videos were a new and exciting thing. i'm assuming that these videos did, at some time, aired on mtv (or some other station). i just had never seen them. thus, i found them all very interesting.

if you have any interest in music in history, or loved the music from this odd era, this web site is a must see. take a peak and let me know what you think.

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