Thursday, May 24, 2007

my art is...


i've been interested in photography as long as i can remember.

my dad was always taking pictures of my family and whatever event that was deemed worthy of preserving in pictures. if you would have asked me at the time, i would have told you how annoying it was. and if you ask my children now, they would tell you how annoying it is for me to be constantly snapping up pictures of them. so to my dad... sorry for all the times i must have complained and made it hard for you.

i a photography class my first semester of college and loved it. not only did i enjoy learning how to develop the film and make prints, but i found a passion in composing and taking the pictures. the love only grew more when my kids were born and, as a parent, i couldn't take enough pictures. my kids are 16 and 19 and i'm still at it. the development of the digital camera and my introduction to scrapbooking has only made it easier to preserve and store my countless photos. i love to scrapbook and it is another form of art for me.

i like other forms of art as well. i'm actually an artistic person. i took a graphic arts class at a vocational school during my senior year in high school. once computers became more mainstream, i learned how to do desktop publishing and started my own business producing newsletters, brochures, flyers, and even a magazine. i've produced such things for my church, also. now the big thing is web design. i would love to be able to design cool looking sites, but it's been harder to learn. i'm still working at it.

(this post is part of my attempt to blog my visual dna. you may read the original post here)

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Penless Thoughts said...

I am not a good photographer at all but I truly admire the work of those who are!!!

Barb said...

You take great pictures, Diana!