Monday, May 21, 2007

i'm sleep deprived

i really don't have anything to write about tonight. maybe it's because i'm so tired. at 4:00 this morning, our puppy decided he didn't need any more sleep. i ended up getting up, letting him out, and then trying to go back to sleep on the couch. he awoke me at 5:00 by barking at some shadow that was evidentally spooking him. i let him in and endured another half hour of sleeplessness until he finally closed his eyes and fell back asleep. but, of course, he's up at 6:45 to be fed. let's hope he sleeps longer tomorrow morning.

i could have gone to bed earlier but we taped the season finale of 24 (2 hours) and then watched it once my daughter got home. let me just say, in case you're a 24 fan, i was disappointed with the ending. and now we have to wait until january to see the next season. ok, enough of that.

i did read an interesting post today. it was written by a guy who used to work for disneyworld in orlando and it's all about the world of tunnels built underneath the famed park. i found it fascinating. walt was a genius in more ways that one.

sorry... that's all i got today. let's all hope tomorrow is a better day.

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Steve said...

Funny how we all have a fascination with the Disney's behind the scene stuff.