Saturday, May 19, 2007

prom night

tonight was prom night for all the local high schools around here. my son, a junior, took his girlfriend of nine months. the four friends went to a very nice restaurant and then on to invesco/mile high stadium (where the broncos play) for the prom. after prom was held at a local fun center. as i write this, they're probably on their way there. if they stay the whole time, they won't be home until 5:00 am. then i'm sure they'll sleep all day tomorrow. here are a few pictures.

(left) here's jake with one of his best friends, sam. sam came over early in the day to jam with the band and then stayed the rest of the day and got ready here. they were both ready to go way before the girls showed up. they were so funny. i think they were a little nervous.

(bottom left) the foursome: sam, erika, hollee, and jake

(bottom) jake and hollee. her dress was so pretty. prettier than these picture make it look.

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Anonymous said...

Great smile, Jake. You make a good looking couple.


Penless Thoughts said...

Such a special time of life!

Both guys and gals look wonderful!


Steve said...

Luke also had his prom last night.

Here is a photograph of he and his date.

Anonymous said...

My grandson is sure a handsome young man. Hollee's dress is beautiful and looks comfortable.

I'm sure they had a great time.

Now I'll have to look up Luke's picture.