Wednesday, May 9, 2007

did you hear...

... that there's now a camera that allows you to manipulate the content of the photo (from the camera) to make the subjects look thinner? yah - really! hard to believe, huh? as much as i would want to look thinner, i don't think this is right. our society keeps telling us that we need to be perfect; thin, rich, etc. those are pretty high standards and are impossible to meet. so why not show our imperfections. why not be honest with ourselves. why not celebrate who we are - the individual that God created.

... that george lucas announced that he will make two more live action star war movies. yah - really! but he said they will probably be made for tv. hard to believe, huh? why would he do that? he also said they won't involve the skywalker family. again, why would he do that?

... that on LOST tonight, locke was shot by ben? yah - really! and there's a new character. his name is jacob - and he's invisible! hard to believe, huh? ok, enough about lost. if you watch the show, you already know this and if you don't watch it, then you don't care.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I'm with you on not wanting a camera being able to alter the truth. Why is our society so afraid of TRUTH and always wanting to put forth a false image? We don't want to be real but phoney. So sad. Give me REAL anytime.

Steve said...

We watch lost. And they show is both addicting and frustrating. How many surprises can they have???