Friday, May 11, 2007

it's come and gone

i'm such a sentimental and nostalgic sap : )

i can't believe a whole school year has passed since dani started her freshman year in college. i remember, as if it were yesterday, helping her move into her tiny dorm room. rearranging the furniture, bringing in all her stuff, buying more stuff for it, decorating it, rearranging it once again, and then leaving her there to live in it. she loved her little room. she came home often but considered this room her home.

and her roommates... she loved them. i remember when the school gave each of them their new roommate's names. they talked on the phone or thru myspace. then they met for lunch. they all were looking forward to starting their freshman year and living with each other. and for the most part, they got along great and had a lot of fun together. they will always have a special place in her heart. they were her family for the school year.

and then as quickly as it started, it ended. today we helped her move out of her "home" and away from her "family."

it was a bittersweet time for everyone involved. it's a milestone in her life (and ours). she has completed her first year. she made it! she's happy and we're proud of her. she's grown up a lot. but it's also time to say good-bye to good times and wonderful memories. with each passing year, she knows she's expected to handle more responsibility and to figure out how she wants to live her life as an adult.

i'm looking forward to having danielle home for the summer. my goal is to make the summer a productive and enjoyable one for all of us. because i know that it will fly by and before i know it, she'll be gone again... to a new home and a new family.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Sweet, touching post. Time flies so fast......I don't remember growing older....and we need to cherish and gain from each moment we are given.
Happy Mother's Day

Anonymous said...

It seems like yesterday we did the same with our oldest, Lindsey. She made lasting friends her first year of college and they remain friends today, five years later, even though they are spread across the country. There are five of them and they will always remain close at the heart.
Lindsey would come home from Texas to Michigan each summer and we would have about five weeks with her to make the best of the short time.
Enjoy your time with your daughter to the fullest! This is precious, priceless time.

Anonymous said...

Your mother's day blog was brought a good laugh. Aren't kid's imppressions great. It's good to read your blogs again.

I remember when Dani came home from kindergarten and said she could show you how to use the "mouse."

She has shown and taught us a lot.