Monday, May 28, 2007

my treat is...

chocolate covered strawberries

what a good day to write about my treat. i have had more chocolate covered strawberries.... which is my favorite.... in the last few days than i have in a long time. almost every graduation party we went to had a chocolate fountain and i could dip as many strawberries as i wanted. of course, i either had to limit the amount or go back a couple of times. i could probably eat my weight in chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!

i would consider other things as "my treats." my second favorite desert would be a fresh strawberry pie, preferably marie calendar's. strawberry shortcake is also very yummy. i also like key lime pie and good ole fashioned chocolate cake.

but treats can be other things, besides food. here's a few; a manicure and/or pedicure, a trip to the movie theater, a nap, time spent outside enjoying the sunshine, surroundings, a little else, and time spent with friends.

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Barb said...

I share a few of your favorite treats. I've had a lot of strawberries lately; Marie Calenders and strawberry shortcake at Pollys.

Great pic of the day.

inspired said...

yum yum !!

Lori B said...

I love chocolate covered strawberries and all of those same things (sitting in the sun, getting nails painted and etc)
Thanks for visiting my site.