Friday, May 18, 2007


kelli, over at there is no place like home, hosts a friday show & tell. when i read and see what others "show" each friday, i try to think of something that i might have to show. i've never been much of a collector so i don't have much that's old or noteworthy. but then i remembered my cedar chest. so today i opened it up and took a walk down memory lane. i would like to share some old dolls that i've kept from my childhood.

i keep these dolls in a special box within my cedar chest. they were either my favorite to play with or ones that were given to me from special places.

i remember playing with these three dolls the most (except for barbies). i don't remember where i got the one on the left. it may have been someone else's before it was mine because it's older than the other doll. she is proclein. i'll have to ask my parents if they remember. i remember buying the one on the right at disneyland. she was my favorite. another cool thing i remember is that my paternal grandmother used to make clothes for these two dolls. some of the dresses she made were in the box with the dolls. the third doll, the one in the plastic bottle, is what was called a "kologne kiddle." i loved this doll, too, but mainly because she was small and she smelled good. in fact, when i opened the bottle today, there was still a faint scent of what was once much stronger.

these three dolls are "special," but to be honest, i don't remember much about them. again, maybe my parents can shed some light on what i can't remember. i didn't really play with these. instead, they were either left on the shelf or fringe members of my doll play time. i do know that the doll on the right was sent to me by my father when he was serving in the viet nam war. but i think it's originally from thailand. i was in the 3rd grade and i remember studying this doll and trying to figure out how people, living a half a world away, could look like this doll.

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Penless Thoughts said...

That was a very unique and wonderful collection. I'd never seen one of the dolls in a bottle before. Could you actually take her out and play with her or was she only to look at and smell?

Kelli said...

What a wonderful collection! The blonde doll on the left is so sweet and I love the doll in the bottle...very neat!

Our Peculiar Life said...

what precious dolls!

diana said...

yes, you could take the doll, in the bottle, out and play with it... which i did a lot. but i also wanted to preserve the "kologne" smell so i always put her back in and left her there for long periods of time.

Anonymous said...

Neat collection, my daughter! Yes the doll on the right is from Thailand, purchased for you while I was on rest leave there and sent home from Vietnam at Christmas time. The one in the middle is from Spain, again purchased while I was on rest leave in Madrid. The one on the left is one I don't recognize. It looks Indian (American) or Mexican. Maybe you or one of your grandparents bought that one.

Myrna said...

Wonderful collection! IYou have some beautiful dolls there. The one in the bottle intrigues me. I don't think I remember seeing one of those. Very pretty!

Trella said...

What a neat and unique collection.

Thanks for sharing

Lynne said...

Your dolls are too pretty to keep in your cedar chest in a box. Maybe you can find a special place to display them.