Thursday, May 17, 2007

bring on the popcorn

maybe one of my 8 random facts about myself (see previous post) should have been how much i love movies. as long as i can remember, i've been lured to the movie theater in anticipation of seeing the newest release. i won't bore you with a list of the types of movies i enjoy and those that i don't. i'll just say i like a wide variety and my favorite would be any movie that makes me "feel" something.

there are definitely dry times when it comes to movies that i enjoy. i get frustrated during these times. for me, three weeks is too long to go without visiting my local cineplex. that's why i'm excited for this summer. there are so many movies coming out that i'm worried i won't have enough time to see them all.

i started my summer viewing by seeing spiderman 3 last weekend. here are the other ones i'm looking forward to:

shrek the third (may 18th)
pirates of the caribbean: at world's end (may 25th)
mr. brooks (june 1st)
ocean's 13 (june 8th)
evan almighty (june 22nd)
the evening (june 29th)
harry potter and the order of the phoenix (july 13th)
hairspray (july 20th)
no reservations (july 27th)
the bourne ultimatum (august 3rd)
across the universe (sometime in september)

there are others that i'd probably like to see but i either don't know enough about them or they're not as high on my priority list. as you can see, if i see all of these on the list, which i plan to, i will have to plan on seeing one movie per week. yippee! i can't wait.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I'm not a movie goer or a dvd watcher but I sure like popcorn!! Hope all these you've selected live up to expectations.

Steve said...

For more than $100 you can go to the El Capitan theater in Hollywood (in a REAL state, you know) and see the first two pirate movies, and then be the first to see the new one. All of them back-to-back-to-back.