Friday, May 25, 2007

my music is...

best heard
through a good pair
of headphones

there's actually a lot to write about when it comes to music and then how it is a part of me. i will try to be brief.

let me start by saying that although i like music, it's not my life or i can't say that i can't live without it. i think that's more for the younger generation.

experience with music in my earlier years included piano lessons, singing in a church choir, singing the old hymns in church, listening to my grandmother sing and play her organ at the same time, and listening to my parents listen to the artists of their time.

i bought only a few albums and had favorite artists in middle and high school. it wasn't until my early adulthood that i started collecting albums, going to concerts, and having my favorites. of course, record players became obsolete and all those albums were sold at garage sales.

i enjoy listening to a variety of music genres. my favorite would be good 'ole rock and roll. i love the old stuff - the stuff i grew up with (70's and 80's) as well as christian rock. i also love listening to someone playing the piano. that must be from my own experience with playing the piano. i'd also have to add to the list; old hymns (nostalgia), show tunes, and acapella groups.

nowadays, all one's music can be stored on an ipod or a similar mp3 player. i do have an ipod, but to be honest, i don't use it all that much. most of my music listening time is when i'm driving. i mainly listen to a contemporary christian radio station (way-fm).

another form of music listening is live shows. i have gone to many concerts in my day but, again, i'll be honest. although it's fun being at a live performance, i don't think the music is as good. so, it has to be one of my favorite groups/artist for me to want to go to their concert. my son is in a band and i have gone to all of his performances. he plays at smaller venues than the big time artists, so i enjoy going to hear his band. every performance is a little different and i like that.

so my favorite way to listen to music is through a good pair of headphones. not the little kind, but the ones that totally covers your ears. you can hear every instrument and every little nuance of the piece. the problem is, i just don't do it very often.

one more thing... i'm not a good singer, but i do enjoy singing. but the only time i do that is in my car (usually by myself) or praising the Lord. the bigger, faster, and louder the praise time, the better.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I love music but I can't imagine going around with it playing in my ear all the time like the young people do today. I like my thoughts and don't want them drowned out by music every second of the day!! I love to sing, but don't sing well. I love Christian music and a melody will pop into my head & heart quite often.

Mimi Lenox said...

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Thanks and peace!

Steve said...

When I work on my laptop at home I often have my headphones on. Music is wonderfully powerful force in our lives.

Barb said...

My best way to relax and praise God is playing the piano, preferably when I'm alone.