Thursday, May 3, 2007

i love pink flowers

here are a couple of pictures i took today. all the flowers and trees are blooming. i could take pictures all day long because there is so much beauty everywhere. and, of course, i can't do justice to that beauty. i can only hope that spring has sprung in your area and you're able to take the time to stop and smell the.... well, flowers.

i had a staff meeting today and our pastor gave us all a challenge. he would like us to spend two hours a day with God for 100 days. he gave us the guidline of S.O.A.P. the S stands for scripture. we're to pick any book of the bible and start reading. O is for observation and A for application. we're to journal our observations from what ever piece of scripture we read and then follow that with any application that we feel called to. and then P stands for prayer.

so this is how the two hours are supposed to be broken down. half hour on the s, o, and a. then a half hour prayer time for those we know that are in need and another half hour for our church (it's a young church). and then the last half hour in quiet reflection, listening for what God might be telling us.

my first thought was, "whoa, i don't think i can do that!" but after thinking about it for a little while, i'm thinking i'd like to try. i've been convicted lately to be more faithful in reading my bible and i like the idea of having to write down my observations and applications.

so, i'm gonna give it a try. i'll let you know how it's going every once in a while. who knows, maybe i'll have more to blog about.

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Penless Thoughts said...

That's a good reminder and way to remember 4 very important things.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!