Monday, April 30, 2007

a word of encouragement

a week or so ago, i came across a blog i really like. it's written by a christian woman who is a wonderful writer and writes about things that are close to my heart, too. i really like this quote she posted. it's exactly how i feel on the subject.

if you want to make a difference in someone’s life, you won’t have to go far. just step into someone else’s world for a moment. in the ordinary moments of life, encouragers will often step in and leave their mark. don’t worry about overdoing encouragement. there is a real shortage of encouragers. far too many of us are so preoccupied with our own lives that we really don’t pay attention to other people. many people rarely, if ever, hear a word of encouragement. -jim martin

i especially like the last two sentences. i think it's very easy for us to get preoccupied with our own lives - to be so focused on our own agenda(s) that we don't see those hurting around us. there are a lot of hurting people out there. and as hard as it is to believe, many people don't hear encouraging words or experience gestures of kindness and encouragement.

so i challenge you (whether i personally know you or not) to take a moment and think upon who in your life might benefit (greatly) by an encouraging word or deed from you. and then DO IT. you might be surprised how much you actually get out of it. and if everyone thought more this way, the world would be a better place.

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Steve said...

I too like the quote. And thanks for the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I liked the quote, too. It really touched my heart. I've come across to many hurting people and it really hit me that I was focusing so much on myself and forgetting that when I look outward I always feel better inside.
Thanks for you words, they were too kind.
So glad you've been stopping by. I hope to do the same with your blog.

Barb said...

nice quote