Thursday, April 19, 2007

walking the dog

i'm constantly surfing the web. i love reading other blogs and i love some of the pictures i come across. i'm sure i'll be posting some of the strange and unusual pictures i find as well as the ones that just touch me somehow.

this one made me laugh because we actually have a lady in our neighborhood who walks her dog this way. the first time dani and i saw it, we cracked up the rest of the way home. it makes you wonder if people who do this are just lazy or maybe there's some other reason they can't use their legs to walk their dog. what do you think?

speaking of good pictures, my brother's blog is awesome. he finds the most amazing photos and then writes something (he's a great writer, too) that relates to the picture. you can check it out for yourself by following the link of the day.

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barb said...

I laughed at the picture too! Does make one wonder. That was a nice compliment you gave your bro. I wish he could do more with his writing -- writing for some publication for example. It would also be $$$