Friday, April 13, 2007

i love snowflakes

well, we didn't get the storm they predicted for us, which was 6-12 inches of snow. in fact, we didn't get ANY snow that stuck to the ground. it did snow for a while today but i guess the ground is too warm.

while i was driving in my car today, i noticed the snow falling on my windshield. it fell lightly in the smallest of flakes. i've lived here nearly 17 years now and i've seen the snow fall in many different ways. but the way it floated from the sky today is my favorite. why? because if you look close enough, you can actually see the individual flakes for a moment or two, with their lacy spikes and perfect symmetry, before they melt into droplets of water.

i love snowflakes. i think they're beautiful. i like the fact that no two are alike. just like people. God made each one of us unique and special. and just like a snowflake, we are all beautiful works of art. try to remember that the next time you see the snow fall, or if you have the awe-filled opportunity to see the flakes in their individual form.

the link of the day is a site where you can make your own flakes. the above flake is one of my creations. i go to this site often to create my own flakes. it's theraputic for me. i invite you to give it a try.

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Ole Dad said...

Hey, Diana, I loved your description of the flakes and their falling from the sky. It reminds me of when we lived there in the '70s. The nighttime view of the gently falling snow around the streetlights outside mesmerized us. Now do you wonder why we'd like to get back into four-season country? Enjoy!

Ole Dad