Friday, April 6, 2007

good friday

so today is good friday. i've reflected on this day in Jesus' life. i know why it's called "good." it was good for us here on earth that have (or will) give our lives to Jesus Christ. but it wasn't good for Jesus as he was made to endure incredible pain and finally put to death in a horrible fashion. it's good to reminded of the sacrifice He made for us.

and that is what lent is all about... Jesus' sacrifice. for 40 days, right before easter, the tradition is to give up something that would truly be a sacrifice. for as long as i can remember, each year, everyone in my family gives up something. it's been a variety of things, such as; french fries, chicken nuggets, cookies, chocolate, etc.

this is how it was for us this year; husband-ice cream, daughter-sodas, son-myspace and aim. and for me - i also gave up sodas (like my daughter) and, boy-howdee, it's been hard. it's been a real sacrifice. not only do i love my diet cokes but i'm really getting sick of drinking water with so many of my meals. everytime i open my refrigerator, i see our well stocked soda shelf and crave the carbonated elixir of my dreams.
so, when i opened my fridge this morning, i thought, it truly is good friday - i get to drink sodas in two days! :D

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