Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the blame game

it was inevitable. i knew it was coming. and it did. the blame game.

it seems like after any kind of tragedy, people start blaming or criticising different parties involved in the situation. what gets me the most is that a lot of these people aren't even a part of the situation. i guess it's just a part of human nature. especially if the tragedy gets a lot of air time. then everyone (okay, not everyone) becomes an expert on the subject and feels like they have to share their opinion to anyone who would listen. i heard it in the sandwich shop, the grocery store, and the gas station.

i try to put myself in the shoes of parents who had children attending virginia tech. would i question the school on how fast they notified students that there had been a shooting of two students? would i question the campus police on why they didn't do a campus lock-down? would i question why the school didn't do something about the warning signs this student exhibited for at least a year prior? would i even question the state of virginia for their gun laws or the fact that citizens can buy guns even if they've been committed to a hospital for mental incompetency and suicidal tendencies after stalking female students at a school?

i can't say for sure, but i don't think so. i guess it's not in my nature. maybe i'm wrong. maybe i'm too trusting. but i do trust that people and agencies do their best in any given situation. and if something was done grossly wrong, then corrections can and should be made. i don't believe in blaming and criticising. that's just who i am.

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