Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the wag of the tail

i heard an interesting story today. you can read it and see a video by following the link of the day.

it reports that italian researchers are claiming that they can tell if a dog is happy or not by the way he/she wags his/her tail. it goes on to say that they measured the angle of the dog's wag and if it favored the left, then the dog wasn't happy with what it was seeing. but if the angle favors the right, then the dog is happy.

i can agree with the fact that the dog isn't always happy and that it even may wag his/her tail when he/she isn't happy. but what i have a problem with is; what makes the researchers think that they would know what makes the dog happy or not happy? i want to know how they would know this.

so, all night, i've been watching brody's tail wag. i can't tell which side he is favoring. and i'm thinking that when he's wagging, he's happy. he just looks happy. he's a happy dog :)

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Steve said...

I too think that stuff is a little off center.

It's along the same lines that goldfish have three second attention spans and dogs are colorblind.

Barb said...

Brody looks like happy dog. Any dog that likes the snow as much as Brody is a happy dog.

Steve's comment. Three seconds attention for a gold fish - how do they figure that one!