Friday, April 20, 2007

happy earth day

i did something today that i don't usually do....
i went to two different movies in the same day.

my two movie buddies and i saw in the land of women this morning. we try to go to a movie, or at least lunch, every friday. we look forward to fridays. the movie was good, but just in an okay kind of good. the acting carried it because there wasn't much of a story. but still good.

then dani talked me into seeing disturbia tonight. that was quite an experience. it played in a large theater and 99% of it was filled with teenagers. remind me to never go to a pg-13 movie that is attractive to teenagers on a friday night again. if you don't know what disturbia is about, it's a remake of the old classic hitchcock thriller, rear window. every few minutes there would be situation that gave the audience the opportunity to scream if they so desired. and this audience of young people took every opportunity - and more. it was a good movie but the viewing experience was compromised and took away from the movie itself. oh well.

oh, by the way.... happy earth day everybody :)

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