Saturday, April 14, 2007

a day at the track meet

we went to jake's track meet today. it ended up being a beautiful day and we all got a little sunburned. jake ran his usual races and did well. we also enjoyed watching his girlfriend, hollee, do her thing... which is pole vaulting. she's really good and is trying to break the school's record this season. when you watch pole vaulting up close, you're amazed at how the kids can lift themselves up and over that bar.

another exciting part of the day was that we spent a lot of time sitting in the infield of the track. you definitely get a different perspective of the meet and the athletes by being down on the field as opposed to sitting up in the stands. today, it was one of the best places to watch the pole vaulting. normally, you're not allowed in the infield. it's reserved for the athletes, officials, and photographers. maybe they thought i was a photographer since i had a camera with a long lens.

haha. i don't think so.

link of the day:


Steve said...

Nice photographs for an old lady.

Ole Dad said...

To Steve: Hey fella, you're getting up there too. Be careful!