Thursday, April 12, 2007

i am, therefore, i blog

some of you may be wondering why i have another blog. some of you may not know that i have any other blog other than this one. well, i'll let you all in on my secret. i actually have a total of seven blogs (at the moment) and that includes the one on my myspace profile and now, this one. i can hear you gasping. does it sound worse if i tell you i had three more that i started but didn't post to them for more than a day or so? i was just trying out some other blogging sites but decided i didn't really like them.

so now i feel like i have to explain why i have so many...

+ i don't know if my web journal at bravenet is my oldest, but it could be. i set it up and still use it as a diary of sorts. it keeps family members updated on our family life as well as a way for me to keep a timeline of events and happenings. i will still be using this one.

+ i think the second oldest blog is one i wanted to be able to just write about anything, but yet kept it secret so i could rant without anyone i knew reading it. i stopped writing in it some time ago.

+ i have a blog that is strictly for the youthworker in me. i wanted a place to write about my experiences with kids and wanting to inform the uninformed. i haven't written in it for a while. it got kinda depressing.

+ i started a blog on wordpress because my brother likes wordpress so much. i decided that i would use it to keep in contact with the youth in our youth group, and their parents. i posted a couple of times and still think i'll use it at some point.

+ since i have a profile on myspace, i automatically have blogging capabilities there. i use it occasionally but it's geared for my "friends" there on myspace.... which is mostly teenagers.

+ connected to this blog (the one you're reading now) is what i called, "the wonderful world of the world wide web." i would post about different websites that i would come across and found interesting. it's still there. you can go to it by clicking on view my whole profile. it has some cool links but i don't think i'll be adding to it. i'll use the link of the day here on this page to share all my discoveries with you.

+ and now, this one. so why did i start this one? there's a couple of reasons. one, i wanted one place to write instead of a bunch of different ones that ran along a certain theme. i may not be able to rant here knowing that it could be read by someone i know, but that's okay. that's the only con i can think of and there are so many pros. the second reason is that i want to try to write every day and, therefore, want all those posts in one place. writing every day is a challenge i've given myself. i know i'll miss a day here and there, but i'm committed to try this.

so there you go. now you know all my blogging secrets. i'll try not to keep anything from you again. atleast as it pertains to blogging. and by the way, thanks for reading this blog. i hope you continue to do so.

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Steve said...

Such honesty!!! Blogging can be addictive.