Thursday, July 5, 2007

truth in love

in the book i'm reading, the author made the statement that she knew an acquaintance really loved her, and others, because this person was always honest with her and always spoke what was on her mind.

i've been thinking a lot about this. it's not the point of; because you love someone, you will always speak the truth. what confuses me is whether someone knows you love them because of what you say to them.

whether it's been with adults or teens, there have been so many times i've wanted to say what was on my mind or to give my honest opinion, but something keeps me from doing that. i guess that something is fear. fear of how they would react or fear of being rejected. fear of losing the opportunity to speak another truth to them somewhere down the road. there's probably even more fears that i haven't even thought of.

even if i said whatever it is i wanted to say - out of love, i can't be sure it would be received that way, can i?. doesn't it depend on the receiver of such information? doesn't it depend on what's going on with them? whether they were "ready" to hear what i have to say? if they weren't "ready" to hear the truth, would they still know i said it out of love? i honestly don't know. and this post probably doesn't make much sense, because i can't make sense of it in my head.

i try to rely on the Holy Spirit to tell me if and when i should say something. i'm thinking that's still the best way. there's still been times when i've said something i've wished i could take back. i am far from perfect. but if my desire is to do God's will and show His love to others, then i will have to trust that He will tell me when to open my mouth... and when to keep it closed.

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jennifer said...

Perfect way to close, leave it in God's hands as to keep your mouth open or closed.

Kelli said...

Excellent post! I have seen many be hurt and offended by someone who just thought they were being honest. Sometimes being quiet about something is the best thing to do.


Yes, we should all let the Spirit of God be our guide.I am a firm beliver that actions always speak louder than any words that I can say. Those actions should show forth the right attitude in the way we do things, I think. Our words always have to line up with our actions and visa versa. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. connie from Texas

barb said...

Great blog! Words are so powerful. Scripture has lots to say about them.

In my living situation there are often times I wish I could take some words back, but then, on the othe hand, perhaps I was suppposed to say them and was being led by the Holy Spirit.