Saturday, July 21, 2007


one thing i left out of my post yesterday, about spending time at the county fair, was that i was originally there because the church i attend had a booth and i helped man it. tonight, don and i were over again to man the booth. we pretty much stayed at the booth, but we were still able to experience the fair in a small way.

i tell you that because as i sat there in our booth, i observed the lady in the booth across from us. she was selling jewelry and was by herself. at one point, i noticed she was on her cell phone. due to a pretty big thunderstorm that swept through, traffic was light. so i didn't think much of it when i saw her talking on her phone. heck, i had even taken my cell phone out and was talking to my son via text messages.

what bothered me was when a group of people stopped and started looking at her jewelry, she remained on the phone. at first she stayed in her seat and talked away, but then she got up and approached the showcases where they were standing - but still talking away on her phone. she talked for another minute before hanging up.

i thought that was incredibly rude. there have been other times where i saw people talking on their cell phones or using them for text messaging at inappropriate times. one that comes immediately to mind was watching a lady chatting away while she was in a check-out line and then while the cashier was ringing up her purchases. she never said anything to the cashier and the cashier was never able to talk to her. again, rude!

it's great having the technology that allows us to talk to anyone at anytime and anywhere. but there should be some etiquette attached to this privilege. and i'm not saying that i've never been in one of these rude situations. even tonight, i shouldn't have had my phone out and using it. if someone had walked by and stopped, i wouldn't have been able to put it away fast enough since i was in the middle of a conversation.

we all have our own cell phones here in my family. sometimes my kids are constantly using them while we're out to dinner, or playing a card game, or whatever. they're either texting someone or playing a game on the phone.

i, too, find this rude. sometimes i say something - sometimes i don't. but i think i'm going to speak up from now on. i need to try to teach them some cell phone etiquette. and i, myself, am going to be more aware of when i'm using my phone. i don't ever want to make my phone more important than the people, or anything, around me.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Great post. I don't have a cell phone personally but I've observed a lot of what you are speaking of and it is so true. Our society has become so "connected" and yet many don't take the time or effort to speak to the person next to them!!! Really, really sad. I don't ever want to become like that.

Jamey said...

I completely agree!! This is one of the big problems at work (or my soon to be former work). A lot of the nurses are really young and they text all night, even in patient rooms. Or their cell phone will ring when they are in doing patient care. It's incredibly rude to our patients and can interfere with patient care. We have had patients complain on the survey they get and we have made rules about cell phones and work and NOTHING has changed. Frustrating!!!

Momma Roar said...

good post - I get a kick out of the people who are 'above' turning off their cells in a dr's office - when there is a sign on the desk asking them too.

My mother in law has an old cell phone in her toy cabinet for the grandkids - she said the young ones now play with it all the time, carry it around always talking on it - what's that say about us parents????

Momma Roar said...

Forgot to answer your question - I think she recognized my hubby first - and then the kids - she knows my hubby's family - his sister helped her when they were doing foster care.

By the way, the squirrel site was, ummm, interesting!

Amber said...

Not to be rude, but b4 I forget, my DDs will LOVE your link of the day!!! Lately I find myself linking to them. I was gonna email you a card but couldn't find your addy....Anyway, back to your post. That's a GREAT point, cell phone etiquette, that is SO true, that should definitely be taught. I can't believe how many times I've been snubbed by a cell phone while someone is suppoded to be doing their job. GREAT POST!!!

God Bless,

PS~ Please email me when you get a chance, this is the 3rd time I've attempted to do this and then I link on your link of the day. My addy is: AmberTITL at gmail dot com

Amber said...

eye tottally nead spel chek!

Amber said...


Amber said...

I'm I leaving a lot of comments again? This time it was unintended, I just noticed I spelled "supposed" wrong-grrr... it for some strange reason stuck a nerve, I have no idea why, I spell things wrong ALL THE TIME!

Well, enough rambling, bye:D

0:) Amber

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I agree, people are completely out of control with their cell phones. A lot of people don't have common sense. As far as the lady runnig that other booth, if I were the shopper that were looking while she were chatting it up with someone while ignoring me, I would certainly not have made a purchase from her...

Lynne said...

Great post. I have a cell phone but don't use it too often. I still see many using them while driving and it frightens me. Also I've seen people hold up checkout lines at the supermarket because the were chatting on their cells. And some people practically shout into them, that's really rude!

Lyndy said...

Great post and so true. Even when I am in the grocery store it seems everyone is on the phone now.


Lori B said...

So true. I agree that is rude.