Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh, the places i'd go

this week's ten on tuesday asks us to give the top 10 countries we would want to visit.

at first, i wasn't going to participate. because, although there are countries i would want to see (and they are listed below), i probably wouldn't visit them even i was given the chance to. it may seem silly, but i'm not comfortable traveling abroad right now. maybe that will change someday, maybe not. but here's my list:

1. tanzania; i've always wanted to go to africa. i think going on a safari would be the coolest thing ever. of course, that would be a photo safari. and i'm not sold on tanzania. it could be some other country in africa. we had friends who went to tanzania and loved it.

2. greece; another place i've always wanted to visit. when i was young, i saw a movie that took place somewhere in the grecian isles. i thought it was breathtakingly beautiful. i still have that image in my head and would love to experience it first hand.

3. australia; it seems so familiar yet since it's half a world away, most people don't get to visit the land down under.

4. new zealand; this is someplace my husband has always wanted to visit. so the little i've seen in pictures and what research i've done, it looks beautiful.

5. england; again, because it feels so familiar.

6. italy; i'd like to see venice and the canals, among others sites.

7. vietnam; because my dad served in the war there, i would like to know what it looks and feels like. i'd also like to see the jungles there.

8. brazil; i think it would be super cool to see the amazon river and the rain forest.

9. indonesia; from what i've seen, this area looks absolutely beautiful - tropical and mysterious.

10. israel; i would love to walk the same part of the earth as Jesus did. i would love to just soak up the atmosphere that's so rich with history.

added note: i've been enjoying these 10 on tuesday memes because it has become a topic of conversation and comparison in my family. since my daughter usually posts about the topic each week, her and i obviously talk. today my son joined in the conversation. he took european history last year and had a lot to offer about some of the countries we talked about.
thanks, jake.

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Lyndy said...

I am not much for traveling but your list is great. It is not that I don't want to travel, I just am not fond of flying.

Hugs, Lyndy

Ruth said...

I love your list and would like to visit each one you listed. However, I also agree that I don't know that I would due to the travel risks these days. Great list!!

Penless Thoughts said...

This was an interesting post and I enjoyed it.

inspired said...

i'm not much of a tourist traveler a home bird i'm afraid..inspired England ;o]

Tammy said...

I am not that keen on traveling abroad either...I dream of it, but if it came to reality, I would be very nervous!
I would pick at least half of the countries you have on your list, too! Especially Australia!

Amber said...

awwww...New Zealand, the mountains are beautiful, never been, just seen pics and movies.

Italy, bcz my Grandmother's mostly Italian with a dash of polish on the side. She was born in Italy though and always spoke it when she didn't want me to know what she was saying-LOL! I LOVE HER SO MUCH, GOD rest her soul.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for adding the button:)

God Bless,

Lori said...

Sounds like some wonderful places to travel too.
I'd like to go to most of those same places too.

GMG said...

Great list! You're missing one of the best destinations (Portugal), but that's forgiveable...
Some of those countries have their place at Blogtrotter. Hope you enjoy!

Lynne said...

Great list. I would love to visit all the countries that border the Mediterranean, especially Italy.

barb said...

i hope you get to go to one of these countries. seeing another country and culture is a great experience.

Anonymous said...

I too would LOVE to visit New Zealand. maybe someday soon...