Tuesday, July 24, 2007

be nice

today's 10 for tuesday is the 10 nicest things someone has done for you. here are mine (in no particular order):

1. my good friend, terri, offered to run any errand(s) i needed to have done before i left on an extended trip. this was after staying up half the night with a family who had the husband/dad die during the night. terri's good deed was appreciated more than she'll ever know.

2. another terri act of kindness: she brought over a breakfast dish for the weekend of dani's graduation when we had a houseful of guests. her kindness never ceases to amaze me.

3. on one of my birthdays, my friend sara brought me a cupcake with a candle in it and sang happy birthday to me when she came to pick up my son for carpooling to school. it made my day.

4. when dani was very young, out of the blue, my step-dad, lee, sent us money to buy a cam-corder. back then, they were more pricey than they are now. it meant a lot to us.

5. when don and i were youth leaders at our previous church, we had a mom/friend who always made us cookies at christmas time. for some reason, i was always surprised and it made me feel valued.

6. when my kids were young, i had a friend offer to watch them for a day so i could do some christmas shopping. it was such a treat to be able to have a day to myself and get some quality shopping time in.

7. we have some good friends who invited us (just don and i) to go with them to hawaii. we had never been before and they had been once. if you think about it, it was gamble for them to take. what if we didn't get along. it would have been one looooong week. but it was great. we made 2 more trips with them and we included all of our kids.

8. we have some other good friends who have done so many nice things for us. so many, that i can't put one over another. so here's the top three: we were their guest at a dude ranch, we were their guest for a stay in a beautiful house in beautiful vail (colorado), and we have been the guest to countless rockies games where they have some of the best seats in the stadium.

9. i love receiving cards from my kids. they usually pour out their hearts with such kind and loving thoughts. they make me cry every time. those are some of the nicest things i've ever received.

10. don has done so many nice things for me but i'll just name one (okay, two). he actually did this one thing many, many times. when the kids were younger, he would give me time away from them without any explanations. i could just say, "hey, i need to get away for a little bit." and he would say, "no problem." those times helped me keep my sanity and hopefully, made me a better mom. the second nicest thing he's done is buying me my laptop :D

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Lyndy said...

Wow great list. You have some wonderful friends.

Have a great rest of the week.


Ruth said...

That is a great list of "nices". Nice people really make life great!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Friends are truly a blessing from God. I'm sure you and your husband are wonderful friends yourselves. What we give we get back!!!!! Good or bad. We truly reap what we sow. People think of that verse in regard to bad things but it works both ways.

Amber said...

Break from the kids: the great gift of all. :-)

Amber said...

How sweet, they are just returning the same kindness and love you have given them.

Thank you for your sweet comment!

God Bless,

Myrna said...

Reading that just made me feel good. There are so many good people in the world! You have several in your life--including your husband!

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful list. :)

Anonymous said...

How's the weather there?? It is hot here in CaƱon City. I'm ready for fall.

Great list, wonderful friends and sweet family. Glad you have such nice memories.

Lynne said...

Nice list. Your friends and family sound wonderful.