Saturday, July 7, 2007

don't you need a new pair of shoes?

hope everyone has had a nice saturday. it's been a lazy one around here. so i've been able to participate in one of my favorite pastimes... surfing the web and reading blogs. boy, the cyber world is sure a big place.

one of the reasons i enjoy perusing the internet so much is the things i come across. things i never knew or would never think of knowing. for instance, i came across two very unique types of shoes today and the third pair about a year ago.

these are vibram's fivefinger shoe. i looked a little bit further into this interesting design and found that most people had high praise for the shoe. here's a quote from one user:

"fivefingers enhances your natural barefoot walking motion as they provide contact to the ground, gently spreads your toes to strengthen foot muscles, increase range of motion, and improves general foot health. they also stimulate muscles in your feet and lower legs for greater balance, agility and strength and also helps straighten your spine, improve your posture, which may reduce or prevent lower back pain."

the more i read about these shoes, the more i wanted to buy them just to try them out. if i do, i'll definitely blog about them.

the second pair of shoes i came across was actually just a picture. at first, i just chuckled and passed it by. but after deciding i was going to include them in this post, i looked into it a little bit more. and lo and behold, it ends up being a fraud. no one really knows if it's a hoax or a work of art. they are pretty neat to look at.

and then the third pair of shoes was something i came across last summer. they're called topless sandals. and as you can tell form the picture, they are indeed... topless.

i wasn't sure these were real when i first came across the web site. but after doing my research and the fact that the web site is still there, i conclude that they are legitimate. they even have an instructional video now. i'm sure that helps explain how these strange sandals work.

i just thought all of these were pretty interesting and would pass on my cyber findings to all of you. just in case you were looking for a new pair of shoes ;D

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barb said...

Do the first pair have an arch support. They actually look like the kind of shoes I need, separating the toes.

Right now I have no shoes that are comfortable. My feet get weird-er every year.

Happy surfing!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for visiting my site! :D It's always fun to make new friends on the world wide web :) And those are some of the weirdest shoes I have ever seen! I have to admit, the topless sandals have me interested... how in the heck do they stay on??

Anonymous said...

I need total comfort and loads of cushion. Sorry, these just aren't going to do it for me :(

jennifer said...

I love this post !!! I am going to price the first pair as I am a barefoot farm girl all the way!!!

The high heel flippers are cute!

Penless Thoughts said...

I think I'll pass on all 3!!!!! I never was a "trend setter"! Interesting stuff though.

Dani said...

haven't i told you before that it is IMPOSSIBLE for those flip flops to work? there is just NO way...

And those flipper high heels are funny looking. but glad they arent real, because again, you would not be able to walk in them at all.

and for the first pair. are you going to buy me a pair? :-)

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Those are very interesting shoes! I actually like the toe ones...and I had seen the topless ones before but heck, how do they stay on? And the ones with a flipper on them - pretty cool thought....although they aren't real.
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Come back soon.

Momma Roar said...

I don't *need* a new pair of shoes, but I always *want* a new pair! The fivefinger shoes look cool - but if they are anything like the 5toe socks - no thanks! Please do keep us informed about them if you get a pair - because this inquiring blogger wants to know!

Lyndy said...

Very interesting but I am with Susan and I think I will have to pass. (lol)