Sunday, July 22, 2007

100th post

guess what?! this is my 100th post on this blog. hard for me to believe, but it's true. so staying with the tradition here in bloggyland, i am giving you a list of 100 trivial facts about myself. here we go.

1. i was born in long beach, california
2. my father was in the air force so we moved around a lot
3. i have lived in california (several different places)
4. and oklahoma
5. and florida
6. and maine
7. and ohio
8. and texas
9. now i live in colorado
10. i have one sister, karen
11. and one brother, steve
12. and one half brother, mike
13. i lived in southern california while my dad served in the vietnam war
14. i learned how to body surf (3rd grade) in the big waves of huntington beach
15. when my dad returned home, we moved up the coast - lompoc
16. i moved back to southern california for 6th grade.
17. fell in love with the ocean. spent much of my teenage years on the beach.
18. went to a new school for almost every grade, until i got to jr. high
19. including my last move four years ago, i’ve moved 23 times
20. due to all the moving as a child, i don’t really have any childhood friends
21. i played soccer for three years
22. one of those years, my team won the state championship
23. my parents divorced when i was a freshman in high school
24. after a short period, i went to live with my mom
25. i tried out for the high school drill team and didn’t make it
26. although i was crushed, probably one of the best things to ‘not’ happen
27. i met don, my husband, in a gym class my sophomore year
28. we got together the summer after our sophomore year.
29. this summer marks 32 years we’ve been together
30. my first job was a cashier at k-mart
31. i quit after a couple of months and got a job doing the same thing at a small independent drug store
32. while at the register one day, i was robbed by a guy with a gun in the belt of his pants. he didn’t take it out, just showed me. it was enough for me to let him take everything in the drawer
33. i quit a month later and got a job at sears, working in the linen department
34. my first car was a 73 chevy nova, but it didn’t hold up too long
35. my second car was a datsun b210 – ugly mustard yellow but a good car
36. during my senior year, i took a course in graphic design at a vocational school
37. i really wanted a career in graphic design
38. i graduated from high school in 1977
39. i helped a friend out by house sitting for the entire summer after i graduated. it was a small studio apartment but it was down near the beach. i loved it!
40. i went to a local community college the next fall
41. i only attended one year because…
42. my mom remarried and moved to oklahoma
43. my sister came and lived with me (my brother with my dad)
44. i went to work full time for financial reasons thinking i would return to college later
45. one of the classes i took, that one year at college, was a photography class
46. i’ve been an amateur photographer ever since
47. we owned a burmese python. don had it since it was a baby. when we sold it to the pet store, it was over 6 feet
48. i fulfilled a childhood dream by joining a group of friends and going skydiving. a true thrill but wouldn’t be able to do it again due to my fear of heights. Hmmmm… maybe that’s where i got that
49. don and i were married in 1981. we were both 21.
50. shortly thereafter, we moved into a rental house owned by don’s parents.
51. we owned a jeep cj5 in which most of the time we drove around without the top on
52. danielle was born 7 years after we were married
53. i was in labor with her for 35 hours
54. before she was born, don and i spent a lot of time camping, water skiing, and spending a lot of time on the beach
55. after she was born, don and i realized we wanted to return to the church
56. we attended a calvary chapel and gave our lives to Christ (again)
57. we also realized that we didn’t want to raise a family in southern california so we started looking for a place to move
58. i used my skills in desktop publishing to start my own business so i could stay at home with danielle. i created mostly newsletters and brochures, but also worked on a magazine layout.
59. when danielle was a little over 2 years old, we moved to the denver area
60. i was 7 months pregnant with jake
61. we knew NO ONE here
62. we’ve lived here since 1990
63. shortly after moving, we could call ourselves homeowners for the first time
64. we loved that home. mainly because our view from the backyard was a lake and then the mountain further west. beautiful!
65. jake was born 2 months later
66. even though we committed ourselves to church shopping, we fell in love with the second church we visited
67. God had some great plans for don and i while attending this church
68. i quickly became the head of the communications ministry, which involved mailings and newsletters

i might as well get this out here. during the 13 years of attending this church, i was also:

69. women’s ministry director
70. bible study leader
71. children’s ministry assistant
72. stephen minister
73. jr. high admin assistant
74. youthworker
75. some of my most favorite times have been spent at jr high summer camps
76. after 13 years, don and I left this church and joined a small start-up church as youth directors for both jr and sr high
77. i was introduced to scrapbooking when jake was still a baby
78. i have been scrapbooking on and off ever since
79. i have been to maui, Hawaii 5 times. and i LOVE it!
80. i truly enjoy snorkeling. come to think about it, i enjoy everything about hawaii
81. we moved into our current house nearly 4 years ago. we moved because the kids got bigger, they had their 'bigger' friends over, and our house just wasn’t big enough anymore
82. we have owned 2 pop-up trailers and, as a family, enjoyed camping
83. i’m a movie junkie
84. i meet with two very good friends just about every week during the school year. we try to go to a movie, but sometimes we just go to lunch or go shopping
85. i have been meeting with these two friends for nearly 10 years
86. i’ve been part of a moms in touch prayer group for the past 2 ½ years
87. i'm a reality tv junkie but don't like all reality tv
88. i enjoy reading.
89. i own an ipod but don’t use it much
90. i love chocolate covered strawberries (but you already knew that)
91. for some reason, this summer, i can’t get enough of watermelon
92. i’ve had a myspace for 2 years
93. i’ve been teaching myself how to make a web page for 2 years now
94. i started blogging about 2 years ago
95. i enjoy reading other people's blogs
96. i love God
97. i love my husband
98. i love my kids and am so proud of who they are
99. i have been very blessed
100. and i look forward to what God has in store for me

whew! that's a lot. and i thank you for reading it all or any part of it.

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Amber said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Nice to know more about you:D

Where in FL,TX and OH did you live? (if you don't mind me asking)

I'm with you on the web designing...more on the graphic then the html/css, but it's good to know. I did my mom's home page on her website, but didn't really know that much at the time.

I would love to go sonrkling and go to Hawaii.

I used to be a movie junkie, now I'm a blogging junkie

I'm a rambler..I'll stop rambling now.

0:) Amber

Ruth said...

Great 100th post! It was great to learn about you.

diana said...

tampa, florida
wichita falls, texas
fairborn, ohio

and, of course, i don't mind you asking

Momma Roar said...

YAY - 100!

These are always fun to read and I enjoyed yours.

My parents moved out of the home where I was born just a few months ago.

I only lived in only 4 homes - and never moved out of the county. We're 5 minutes from both our parents.

I started dating T after my sophomore year - he was a junior. And I was a PE teacher. haa

Any pictures of the view from that first home?

Does Amber really ramble?

rAMBlER - remove the 'r' and 'l' and what do you have? hee hee Oh, Amber's going to just love me! ;)

Amber said...

Awww... you got the ocean breeze in FL, I just got the heat and humidity in tallahasse.

I lived in both Flushing, OH and Lake Jackson, TX for about 3 mos.

Leigh Ann, it all makes sense now, the title of the picture my mom saw in the bathroom was called "The Rambler"
Only you could have figured that out-LOL!

0:) Amber

Penless Thoughts said...

I love the 100th posts. You did a great job on yours.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

That was VERY interesting and enlightening Diana. I enjoyed learning more about you. My ex husband was an Army brat so he had a history about like yours...moving all over. It must have been an interesting life. However, I stayed in one place for a lot of my life so I enjoy having those old friends and keeping in touch wtih them. My ex husband was in the Army for a couple of years, so I got the taste of the "Army wife" life and I actually loved that....
Also, this is funny...I remember my family's car (and the one I learned to drive on) was a Datsun B210!!! But ours was ORANGE!!!

I too played soccer in high school, but I also played in college. Actually, I played on the MENS team in college...I've lived in Oklahoma too..went to high school and college there.

Anyway, we have a lot in common!

Jamey said...

That was very interesting! It's fun to learn all those things about people. I never did a 100th post, maybe I should think about it...

Just Mom said...

Congratulations on making it to 100 posts. I'm looking forward to the next 100 and more.

jennifer said...

Yeah 100!

Things that shocked were robbed at gunpoint

the python!!!

I have lived in CA, OK,and OH.
My dad was in Vietnam

My gramie grace lived in long beach.

I love that blogging makes me realize how mch we have in common with others!

Kelli said...

Congratulations on your 100th post...Yippee!! I enjoyed learning more about you!

Myrna said...

Congratulations on your 100. I enjoyed reading about you.

I see in your comments that you lived in W Falls TX. I lived near there when I was in high school--way back in the day--little town of Chillicothe. If you blink as you drive through you will miss it. Sweet place, though.

Lori B said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.
I enjoyed reading and learning more about you.

Wow! You have moved a lot.

So neat that you were/are so involved in your church.

I've been to Hawaii once too. It's beautiful. I've been snorkeling there too. It was fun.

I'm a movie junkie too.

Lyndy said...

Loved learning more about you. I am only about 10 posts away from my 100. Guess I need to get working on my list.

Hugs, Lyndy

jennifer said...

Funny...I always take notes on post like this, so I will make a comment that is one that let's the writer know I DID take the time to read this.

I made the same notes for comments as when I read it the first time...

too funny...except the SNAKE...LOL

Penless Thoughts said...

As I re-read this Diana this jumped out at me as the most important line:
56. we attended a calvary chapel and gave our lives to Christ (again)
The defining point in ALL our lives who are HIS!!!