Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i am a procrastinator

It's been a while since I've done 10 on Tuesday. I had no problem coming up with 10 things for this week's list, which is: 10 things you've been putting off.

I feel like I should be saying, "Hi, I'm Diana... and I'm a procrastinator." I am terrible. I think the older I get, the worst my procrastination gets. Sometimes I have a good or legitimate reason why I don't get to something in a timely fashion. But most of the time, sadly, I don't. I usually just find something I'd rather be doing. Is there any kind of help for me? Don't answer that - it was a rhetorical question.

So, here are 10 things I've been putting off (in no particular order):

  1. finish a birthday present for Jake's girlfriend (can't tell you what it is... who knows, maybe she reads this)

  2. clean out and fix up spare bedroom to be my scrapbooking room

  3. start working on a scrapbook for Jake as one of his graduation gifts (I have until May, so I'm not jumping on this one for a while)

  4. clean out my closet

  5. learn Photoshop (I have the program after all!)

  6. read the many books I have

  7. go to the eye doctor

  8. take the car in for it's maintenance check

  9. go through the pile of papers on my desk (I don't even know what's in there)

  10. paint one wall in my dining room - it's purple - don't ask!
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melody is slurping life said...

I'll make this list...later. :) Yeah, I procrastinate big time.

Decor4U said...

I enjoyed all your blogs,so invite you to have look at mine.nice to meet you there

Penless Thoughts said...

So which one is getting tackled first? :o)

We have a wall to paint, too. Have the paint bought already....waiting for it to cool down a little bit where we can open up the doors and windows.

jennifer said...

Ok I have an iron clad rule in list such as these. Write 2 things on the top that you have completed, so that you do see accomplishment.

It's funny with 2 checked I always feel better.

Good luck, I too have a list on my dry erase board, guess I better get started!

Momma Roar said...

Ummm, since you put this out here, are we allowed to pest - uh, I mean, hold you accountable? :)

I'm a procrastinator too!

Lyndy said...

Oh my goodness...I admire you for making a list. I don't even want to think about mine as it would be way more than 10. (lol) I too am a procrastinator and that is one of the traits that I dislike about myself. I should probably pray about that more.

Glad to be back visiting with you.

Pam in Colorado said...

Oh, start with the spare bedroom. Changing rooms around is a favorite of mine. It feels so good and, although you have a bigger mess before it is done, it is a great accomplishment when you are done. Then you will be all set when you do start the album.

Then, sort through your papers. Not pleasant, like the room change, but it looks so much better.

I'm procrastinating on my own pile(s)but that is on my to do right after I get off the computer schedule.

When you get ready to paint, let me know. I'm supposed to be peeling two layers of wallpaper off my girls' room so we can create their fairyland. Misery loves company so we can be miserable together! ;)

Be sure to put your link on my site when you get your post done tomorrow so I, and the world, can see it!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh girl - I need to learn photoshop too...it is sitting on my desk as well. Wanna make a pact :) ha ha!

Melissa said...

I am a procrastinator too! I always have good intentions... does that count for anything :)

Barb said...

i see there are a lot of us procrastinators out there. yes, I have my list too.

Dani said...


Kelli said...

What a good idea to make a list like this. I'm a fellow procratinator too. :0)


Barb said...

i loved dani's comment!!!!

Lori said...

Good luck getting your projects done
For some reason it seems like the list is never ending (for me anyway). Seems like you finish up one project and then there is alway another.

Wolfie said...

Hello..i want to learn Photoshop too..its on my list..but I've been dragging on it for the longest time ever..

Jamey said...

If procrastination gets worse with age I am in BIG trouble!! Looks like you have a pretty good list going there, take it one thing at a time and cross off as you go!

Amber said...

I first wanna say, YOU ARE NOT TERRIBLE!!!!!!!

And secondly, GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR!!! My mother is procrastinating the same thing....I don't think this is a proper sentence, it sounds funny, but you know what i mean....GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR!!!

I'm only telling you because I care about you too:D

God Bless,