Monday, August 31, 2009

what's happening...


-> Around here, schools started last week. Yet, I have not heard from the district whether I have my job from last year, when I would start, and when and where I would be working (which school(s). I'm going crazy. I'm pretty sure I have a job, but what if I don't? I could (and would) be spending this time looking for another job. I sent an email to the secretary about a month ago and she sent out a mass email to all the tutors telling them to not bug her and that they would get us the pertinent information some where around the end of August. Well, today was the end of August. Do they think that we don't have lives? I can't even plan anything in the future because this part of my life has been settled. Ugh!

-->> As I waited in a very long line today at my local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), I was thoroughly entertained watching and listening to people with the cell phones. I'd say 90% of the crowded room were people who were either talking or using the phones. I must have heard 10 or more ring tones that were songs, mostly TV theme songs or songs from the 50s and 60s. It just struck me funny to see this room full of people (70 or so) in their own little world by using their cell phone. What did we do before we had these things?!

--->>> Jake got a job this weekend at a sporting goods store near his college campus. He'll be working quite a bit for the next two months during their huge sale on ski and snowboard items. This had been his plan all along but it now means that we won't be seeing him very much. He has a very tough semester (actually, the whole year) ahead of him and now he's adding the work schedule to it. Good luck Jake.

---->>>> We're going camping this weekend. We're going with many families from our church and we're going to a place our family has gone to for 18 years (minus a year or two) on Labor Day weekend. Danielle has asked to be baptized again. Her baptism will be in the same pool where she was originally baptized, about 10 years ago. Also, Don will be delivering the message on Sunday morning in the quaint, outdoor chapel. For those two reasons, plus a great time of fellowship and camping, it should be a great weekend.


MightyMom said...

1) get to job hunting and when they call and say you start in a week laugh in their face.

2) we all stood there being terribly bored and got fussier and fussier till we finally yelled at the cashier for taking so we just ignore the cashier by talking on the phone while he's trying to help a GREAT improvement! (sarcasm dear)

3) good luck with all that

4) have fun...but what's the point of repeating a baptism that she can remember??

5) is this a holiday weekend?? I must have gotten lost somewhere...I seem to have skipped half of July and all of August!

Momma Roar said...

Your camping trip sounds Awesome!! Wonderful things to make it extra special!!

Hoping you hear from the school soon - keep us posted.

Susan said...

Ph the service in the mountains sounds so wonderful.

That is very inconsiderate of the school system to keep all the tutors hanging like that. Things like that really bother me. I do not like untied ends dangling about :o) Trust you'll hear soon.

Karen said...

The camping trip sounds like the perfect answer to a relaxing time with NO WORRIES! If I were you - I'd so be looking for another job. Do they relly expect people to just wait around?
Keep us posted!
Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

Melissa said...

I'm sorry about your job situation. I hope that they get you the "pertinent information" SOON!!

Have fun camping! Sounds like it will be a great trip.

Jamey said...

That has to be frustrating dealing with the school. It seems inconsiderate to me. Jake sounds like he'll be busy this year with school and work! Have a great weekend camping.

kailani said...

How can they not let you know? You have a life that needs planning! Hope you hear from them soon.