Tuesday, September 1, 2009

incredibly unbelievable

My heart is very heavy after reading THIS. (click for link)

I just don't get it; a pastor who preaches from his pulpit that he wants President Obama to die, and to go to hell. He doesn't just make that statement, but gives examples in which manner he wishes President Obama to die. All because he's pro-life. Evidently, he also wanted President Bush to die because he didn't believe in the Iraq war.

Obviously, this man is misguided. What gets me is that he is a pastor - someone who should have learned of God's love in great detail and who should then turn around and preach, teach, and model that love. He gives Christianity a black eye. He makes all Christians look like hypocrites. He makes a mockery of Jesus and His teachings. It makes me so sad.

I don't care what your politics are. If you call yourself a Christian, you should want to follow Christ and His teachings, which is all based on love, not hate. Jesus didn't pray for the death of Herod or any other political leader. Jesus wanted everyone to be saved from hell. I don't understand how this guy can call himself a Christian, let alone a pastor.


Momma Roar said...

Just the fact alone, that "hate" was in his message title sends up some pretty big red flags! This is crazy!!!

I'm glad you posted about it though, I hadn't seen it on the news.

All we can do is pray for him and that God will work in his heart and that he will truly feel it!

Just Mom said...


Oh my goodness.

I agree with LA, we need to pray for him -- and us so that we remember what being Christian really means.

Jamey said...

He is one messed up guy.

g-ma D said...

I agree with you, his message is unbelievable. where is all that hate coming from. He needs lots of prayers and counceling.


Melissa said...

It's amazing how people can take things and twist it to fit their own agendas... it sounds like this guy needs some help :(