Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the plaza

I go to the plaza;
it's become a need.
Under clear blue skies,
to sit and read.

In the Winter, an ice skating rink is erected. Skaters skate as onlookers watch. Norman Rockwell decorations hang from poles and Christmas music fills the chilled air. Even a light snow can't keep people away.

Once Spring blows in, vibrant colored flowers fill the space. More people come out to play, to shop, to eat, to enjoy the winter thaw. Heavy coats give way to lighter ones and hot chocolates are replaced with ice cream cones.

The theater stands at one end flanked by restaurants and shops. Outside dining is crowded because who doesn't want to sit outside, enjoying a good meal, and people watch. Friends meet, couples stroll, families play.

The plaza is the busiest during the Summer. Where once the ice skating rink stood, there is now fountains revealed. Streams of water shoot high in the air in a rhythmic pattern. Children come and play, to escape the heat of the day. Screams of laughter fill the air.

The fountains are turned off one evening a week so blankets and chairs can be set up in front of the makeshift bandstand. The summer concerts are always a big hit and the plaza is wall to wall people, moving to the beats of the music and singing along to familiar lyrics.

Fall is my favorite time at the plaza. No fountains, no laughing children, no sounds of metal on ice, and no crowds. The weather is perfect - not hot and not cold. Wispy white clouds crossing a deep blue sky. Quiet. Peaceful. Relaxing.

I go to the plaza;
it's become a need.
Under clear blue skies,
to sit and read.


Just Mom said...

Sounds absolutely heavenly. Can I join you?


Momma Roar said...

Yes, it sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

Melissa said...

Can I come too?? It sounds like a wonderful place... then again, if we all come and join you, it won't be very peaceful any more ;)

Karen said...

TAKE PICTURES!!!! I wanna see!

Maxine said...

Expressed so beautifully, Diana. It does sound wonderful. For me, every place is better in the fall.

barb/mom said...

Like others, it sounds wonderful and I would like to be there.

But since I can't join you, I can visualize where you are, enjoying the setting and perhaps reading the latest book listed on your blog!

I love fall also, just wish it would get here. I am going to a womans spiritual retreat this weekend and it will be in the mid 90's. The evenings will be cool though.

MightyMom said...

well save me a seat.