Wednesday, August 19, 2009

trip down memory lane

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Today's topic: Back To School
Tell us your school stories.

I have so many memories - as I'm sure everybody does - of school. I've decided to share one memory from each grade through elementary school.

First Grade: I lived in Maine. One day I decided I didn't want to be at school any more so I just walked out and on to home. No one stopped me and, boy, was my mom surprised when I showed up on our doorstop. To think of it now, it makes me cringe. Can you imagine your first grader walking home all by themselves with no one knowing that they were doing so. It was a safer time back then but still.

Second Grade: I live in Ohio. I attended a very large school where the elementary, middle, and high school were all located on the same campus (weird, now that I think about it). I remember the restrooms didn't have any doors on the stall (weird, too) and I, as a second grader, used the same restrooms as the older girls. I watched them and from my vantage point and young eyes it was obvious that they didn't have to wear their underwear around their ankles when they peed. So, trying to emulate the big girls, I tried keeping my underwear up as I went about my business. Result, I walked away with wet panties.

Third Grade: I moved mid year from Texas to California. This is going to sound sad, but I spent many lunch hours in the lost and found room. Moving mid year meant that I really didn't have any friends. The lost and found room was a small world of wonders to a third grader. It was my escape. I remember how much time I spent looking at all that had been lost and abandoned, and then sit down and spend the rest of the time with my nose in a book. What I don't understand is why the front office ladies allowed me to go in so much and why they didn't check to see if and when I left.

Fourth Grade: I lived in another city in California. I remember I had a crush on my male teacher. I remember he had a detailed map of the country on the wall. Each day he'd have a city's name posted at the top of the map. The challenge was to be the first student to find the city. I figured out I could go to the dictionary (or maybe encyclopedia) and find exactly where the city was located. Day after day, I was the student who "found" the city. It became boring to me so I started telling other students where the city was so they could share the spotlight. I don't think anyone ever figured out how I was so good at the game.

Fifth Grade: I went to the same school as fourth grade. The only memory (I mean only!) I have is an accident I had on the monkey bars. I remember flipping around like I had done so many times before. There was this move where after spinning around the bar several times by your knees, you swing high, let go of the bar, and land and your feet. Except this time I wasn't high enough and I went face first into the sand. I ate a bit of it, bloodied my lip, and felt very disoriented. I remember walking myself to the nurse to be cleaned up before they sent me on to class.

Sixth Grade: We moved to a different city in California. There were some tough girls at this school. I remember getting socked in the stomach to the point of having my breath taken away by one of these girls (also my neighbor). There were many "people" lessons for me that year and from there, the lessons never stopped. What I mean is that I started having an awareness of different cultures and lifestyles and how people act and react. The study of people has been a passion for me ever since.

When and where I was going to school at this time, elementary ended at 6th grade, and 7th and 8th were considered middle school or Jr. high. I'll finish my walk down memory lane in a future post.


Lola said...

Great post! Thank you so much for participating. I hope you'll continue to do so. I can't wait to see your future post.

Janice said...

Those are some crazy stories. I can relate to the monkey bar memory. I did something similar when I was younger and still have a scar to remember it by. There was glass in the sand. Ouch!

barb said...

It's really something to hear your stories. I know moving around so much was difficult for you, and yet it contributed to your interest in people. Life has curious and interesting turns.

I have a few memories too: getting hit in the head from a baseball bat flying through the air - I was catcher and the batter kind of threw her bat backwards. I still have the stitch marks in my left eyebrow. I remember in grade school having headaches and going to the nurse. There was the strong smell of a willow tree that I would stand by and watch the other girls play, wishing I was included.

Ah yes, grade school. I, too, had a crush on my first male teacher in sixth grade.

Good blog!

Momma Roar said...

I think after reading this, I can see why you have such a heart for the youth. You really dealt with a lot of things in your elem years. I didn't deal with so many "people" issues until high school. But, I lived in the same house all my life - until I married.

Those monkey bars - I think probably every child has a memory linked to them!! haha :-D

kailani said...

Wow, I can't believe how much times you've had to change school! That must definitely build character!

MightyMom said...

wow, I choose not to remember elementary school...or middle school...and only parts of high school.

glad you have memories to share

Amber said...

This makes me feel terrible. Why? I have the worst memory ever! I vividly remember kindergarten, a bit about grade 1 but then 2-4 are totally fuzzy. I reemerge on the spectrum in grade 5 and grade 6 was my best year ever!

LOVE your stories, my dear.

Christine said...

I fell off the monkey bars, landed flat on my back and had the wind knocked out of me. They had to carry me to the nurse.

Karen said...

Hmmmm. It really seemed hard on you to move so much. The good thing about you walking home in first grade is that you knew the way!
I did the monkey bar thing too. Oh UGH!
Weird, I was the girl who would look for the student by themselves and invite them to play. I remember, when a girl in our class had to have her leg amputated, everyone shunned her when she came back. Even tho we had strict instructions from our teacher to be nice! Well, she became my best friend. Oh my the adventures we had; the artificial leg did nothing to deter her from life. Sadly she died in 9th grade, but I am still in touch with her folks today! They came to my wedding and her Mom came to my baby shower for my first child. :)
Maybe I was that way because everyone called me 4 eyes (good old glasses in 4th grade) or maybe because my Dad died when I was in 3rd and you would've thought I got a disease. Nobody talked to me! It was terrible. I guess when something affects you, you compensate.
Now when you reminisce about Jr High? THAT'S THE STORIES I HAVE!!! Oh my!
HAGD! Karen