Thursday, August 27, 2009


I finished the book, The Butterfly Garden, a Memoir (Chip St. Clair), yesterday. It was a very quick read as I finished it in 2 days. Chip survived living with his cruel and abusive father only to find out, when he was an older teenager, that his father wasn't who he said he was. Chip went on to get past the wounds of his childhood to live a productive life and advocate for protecting children and keeping child predators behind bars.

I think the genre of memoirs is my favorite. I really enjoy reading true life stories. I guess that's why I enjoy reading blogs, too. There's always pearls of wisdom and lessons learned shared with the reader. The Butterfly Garden didn't disappoint in this area, and for that reason, I'd recommend this book to everyone.

My blogging friend Melissa, of Mejojac's Memos, commented to my post yesterday and recommended that I look into goodreads, which is a site where you can keep track of the books you read, have access to and write your own book reviews, join groups, and converse with other readers. If any of you are on goodreads, look me up or let me know so I can go find you. Here's my profile. And thanks Melissa for the recommendation.

To answer a couple of the comments to yesterday's post...

MightyMom: I enjoyed the first two Harry Potter books very much and I can see where it would be very easy to just keep reading each book, one after the other. But I wanted to spread out the story. That's how I usually read a series of books. After reading the first Twilight book, I plan to read the rest - just not one after the other. I'll probably read the second book after the book I'm reading now.

Jamey: I liked the Harry Potter books much more than I thought I would, too. I am supposed to work at the same schools as I did last year, but I haven't got final word on that. The job actually starts mid September. I'm planning on starting then.

Karen: I'll look into The Unit. Thanks.

Momma Roar: I love Jodi Picoult. Glad you're enjoying them, too. Which ones have you read and what are you reading now?

Mom (Barb): You really should get on goodreads. You've read more books than anyone I know.


mom/barb said...

Good quote!
I will definitely check into goodreads; sounds like my kind of place.

Like you, I learn so much about life and people through my reading. I try to balance my reading with novels, biographies, auto-biographies, historical novels,faith based books, mysteries and of course my favorites such as Jodi Picoult.

Maxine said...

Sounds like a great place. Unfortunately, I wouldn't want to add anything else on my plate but it's great for folks who get in a lot of reading!

Just stopped by to say hi; it's been a while since I've been over.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I'm glad you're on goodreads! It's a great site and I LOVE seeing what others are reading :)

Anonymous said...
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Amber said...

I have had several friend requests for goodreads. I hope to get active when my kids are in school. These days, I'm too busy running around with them. Vacations are the only time I get to read books!

Momma Roar said...

Jodi P is such a change from what I've been reading and I'm really drawn into her books. I've read Perfect Match, Plain Truth and My Sister's Keeper. I've started Nineteen Minutes but haven't been able to carve out the time to read.

Are you a member of paperbackswap? Once you register, and submit 9 books you are willing to part with, you are given 3 credits to use to select books from other members. They pay to ship them to you and you pay to ship books to anyone who requests them from you. It costs about $2 per book (give or take). It's a great way to read a book and then pass along, also much faster than being on a waiting list at the library for a new release.

Went to see Julie and Julia this weekend and saw a preview for a new movie coming out called The Lovely Bones based on a book by Alice Sebold. I'm actually checking it out from the library because when I checked pbs, it wasn't there...that happens sometimes too. Anyway, just wanted to throw another book (and a website) your way!!!!