Monday, August 3, 2009

where are the trees?

Momma Roar made a comment to my post yesterday, in essence asking where the trees are in my picture of our campsite. It is an excellent question because, in my opinion, camping should be done amongst the trees. Yes, we camped in a public campground and no, there were no trees.

So where are the trees?

For the past few years, Colorado's pine trees have been under attack from a pesky little creature and it has been devastating to the natural beauty of our mountains. The Pine Beetle infestation has been unstoppable and has killed an uncountable number of trees. If you look at any part of the mountain side, you see more brown, dead trees than the lush greenery you should see. It's actually very sad.

Dead trees in the mountains are not just sad and ugly, but dangerous. It's just dead, dry wood ready to go up in flames if lightning or a spark hit. So, in many areas, the dead trees have been cut down, especially in and near campgrounds.

Fortunately, there are signs of new growth. Small pine trees dot the landscape and I look forward to the day when the pesky Pine Beetle has been banished from our mountains.


MightyMom said...

sniff sniff

once you conquer that beetle, come and have a go at kudzu.

Melissa said...

That's so sad! But new growth is encouraging. And hey, you can turn that into a pretty great object lesson for life... :)

Just Mom said...


kailani said...

At least those little green patches bring hope for the future.

Christine said...

That is sad. We have had troubles with this bug here too. It takes out huge areas.

Momma Roar said...

Oh wow! I had no idea! I'm glad there is green and growth.

We have so many trees here - I guess that is how PA got's its name, for William Penn - Penn's woods.

I think I love the trees the most when camping - for shade. We only built our home 4 years ago and we don't have much shade yet - a few trees we've planted, but they aren't providing much shade yet. I love being outside camping, under the trees.

Thanks for sharing this! :)