Tuesday, August 25, 2009

time marches on

Ok... it's time to get back into the habit of blogging. I've been terribly lazy and unmotivated. I miss one day, and then two, and with each passing day, it gets harder to sit down and write something of quality. But I enjoy writing here and reading other bloggers, so I just need to make the commitment.

The last month has been hard because Danielle was traveling and my mind was on her and her trip 24/7. I didn't want to bore any of my readers with my daily thoughts and worries, so I withdrew a bit. I am happy to announce, though, that she arrived home Monday night safe and sound. She had a wonderful time, a lot of interesting stories, and memories to last a life time. Thanks for all of you who lifted a prayer on her behalf.

I've been reading a lot. I found that my mind wouldn't wander to Danielle as much if I was engrossed in a book. I read a book titled Still Alice and would highly recommend it as it sheds light on the reality of living with Alzheimer's. It's told in the first person of a 50 something year old who starts displaying symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's. It really makes you think and helps you understand what this terrible disease does to not only the patient, but the family as well.

I also started reading the Harry Potter series. I saw the sixth movie over the summer and became intrigued. Or maybe it was because Jake read all seven books over a month's time and kept talking about them. Don't ask me why I haven't had any interest before now. All I know is that I found myself having the desire to read them. I've read the first two and enjoyed them very much. I think I'll read them two at a time, and read two or three other books in between.

We are once again empty-nesters as Jake and Danielle started classes this week. As always, the summer flew by. We didn't have any of the super hot weather, so in some ways, it didn't even feel like summer. Since we didn't get the hot weather, I'm wishing summer would last another month or longer instead of looking forward to Fall, like I usually am about this time of year.

But life, and the seasons, march on. And so do I.


MightyMom said...

as you always say to me...
Forward March!


glad that all went well with D's trip...that was a worrisome destination.

i knew you'd like HP if you ever started reading it. it's a good story with many fun twists and many great morals.

enjoy it! but I don't know how you can put down one book and stall before grabbing the next....we devoured those books each as they came out and anxiously awaited the next one. now we're waiting each movie...don't know what I'll do once all the movies are out!!

Susan said...

Glad to hear the update on Danielle. Glad to have you back on a consistent basis. I think all of us have wandered a bit this summer. We have had such a nice summer for Oklahoma. Especially August, and it's been such a joy & treat!!!

Jamey said...

I bet you are so happy that Danielle is back safely! I bet she has some amazing stories! I've been reading a lot lately too. I have read the Harry Potter series and loved it even though I didn't think I would. Are you working at the same school this year again?

Melissa said...

I'm glad Danielle is back safely! I'm sure it was a worry, but what an amazing experience for her :)

Are you on Goodreads? It's like a social networking site for books :) You can post reviews and see what others think of books you'd like to read... kind of a fun thing! I'm glad you are enjoying the HP series. You have more restraint than I do though... when I get into a series I tend to read the entire thing before going on to something else!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back. I just finished the book "The Unit." If you liked "Still Alice," you might like it.

Momma Roar said...

Saw the fb updates on your daughter - happy to know she is home!! :)

I'm on my 4th Jodi Picoult book - I can't stop!!!

barb said...

Good to see your blog again, but totally understood why you were silent for awhile.

I read Still Alice, too, and found it very readable, informative and insightful. I have suggested to several friends.

I just read Anne Rivers Siddon's (one of my favorite authors) book Off Season. I think it is her best. Most of it was set in the coast of Maine, which was extra good since our family had been to many of the places she described so well.

Happy Reading!

jennifer said...

I do the same thing - I shut down too when I am worried or fretful. It is sort of a coping mechanism for me.

I've read the Harry Potter series and they are some SERIOUSLY good books. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great weekend!