Monday, February 16, 2009

i enjoy learning

Some have asked how my job's been going (thanks to those of you who have asked). I realized I haven't written about my job since those first couple of weeks where I wasn't sure if the schedule was going to work or if I was going to enjoy the job.

Quick recap: I took a job in October working for the school district as a tutor/mentor for a program called AVID. I only work two days a week which is perfect for me and my desire to have time to pursue other interests. I've now been doing this job for four months and have really come to enjoy the job and love the kids.

I'm also learning a lot about myself.

I was always a good student in school. Academics came easy for me and I really didn't have to work hard to get good grades - and I didn't. Therefore, I only did what I needed to to get by. Now I sit in these tutorial groups and listen to the students question what they're learning in their core subjects and find myself fascinated with what's being taught. Some of it I remember, other stuff is totally new to me.

What I'm enjoying is the process of learning. I enjoy learning!

Whether I know it or not, I tell the kids I don't remember "whatever" and to teach it to me. And they do (or at least try very hard to do so). There's been times when I actually wanted to ask them to ask me to work through a complex math problem - just because I love math. This makes me wonder how much smarter I could have been or where life would have taken me if I had been a more serious student .

Or I'm on the other end where I really enjoy working through a question or problem as a teacher, explaining it or getting the students to think it through so they can come to their own conclusions. I love it when you can practically see the light bulb going on as the kid "gets" it. It makes me wonder if I would have made a good teacher as I had once wanted to be.

I also have learned a lot more about middle school students than I had previously known from being a youth worker, but I'll save that for another post. I'm glad my time in a classroom isn't just about the students. I'm glad to know that I'm still teachable and I like learning new things about myself and the world around me.


Momma Roar said...

I'm so similar in that I LOVE it when I'm there to see the lightbulb go off. When I taught Phys Ed - it was a different kind of light bulb - it lit up when their brain and motor skills connected and they hit the ball for the first time, or skipped around the circle. And now, I have that same opportunity to see the light bulbs in my children's heads go off!!

I'm so glad you wrote about this and I'm so glad to hear things are going so well!! It sounds like a great fit! :D

Susan said...

This was a great post, Diana. I, like you love to learn. I think it's one of the things that keeps us young. It's when we think we "know it all" that we begin to fade and "dry up".

One of the things I loved best when we were traveling around the U.S. & Canada was learning, especially all the history I had missed in my school days.

Christine said...

It sounds like a great job. You are well suited to it and it is well suited to you. Perfect!

Just Mom said...

I was a good student, too, in high school and college; not an A student, but a strong B/B+.

When I look back on my college career, I realize how much potential I really had to being that A student, had I just put more effort in to my learning. I just put in the bare minimum.

Today, I take education and learning very seriously. I won't put pressure on my child to achieve a B or an A. I will, however, expect him to put his best effort toward learning.

I'm so glad you have this opportunity.

Melissa said...

I wish I were better at math! It's a good thing my Hubby loves it :)
I'm glad you are enjoying your job! It sounds like something that you are getting a lot of satisfaction out of! And, I'm going to guess that you would have been a fantastic teacher :)

Jamey said...

Thanks for sharing! I have often wondered how your job was going. I think of you every time I go in to my kids classroom :) I'm glad you are enjoying your work and the kids!

Heidi Jo said...

as frustrating as being surrounded by unfamiliarity with teens can be, it is also exhilirating, i think. i love the educational environment. despite all of the negatives facing our education system, there is something so hopeful about a classroom.

Lori said...

I am so glad that your job is going well.
Thanks for the update.
Working 2 days a week is perfect.

email me at

My blog is going private. I want to make sure that I have your email that you can view and comment on my blog.

Hugs, Lori

MightyMom said...

so do I see a teaching certificate in your future dearie??