Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nancy drew... my hero!

Kel, from Girl in the Glasses, was answering some questions on her post today and one of them was, "What book do you remember reading as a child that literally sparked your lifelong love of books?" That gave me reason to reflect upon my childhood and the books I read.

There was a book - no, make that a series of books - that sparked my love of books. That would be the Nancy Drew series. Seeing one of the covers transports me back in time; I can nearly smell the book and remember how I felt while reading one of the books. I always felt like I was right there with Nancy, trying to figure out her latest mystery. I remember reading two books in one day on more than one occasion. Not only did it spark my love for books, but, to this day, I'd love to be a detective.

But there were other books, too. I can't remember most of the names, but there was one that left a lasting impression - The Velvet Room. I went over to Amazon and typed the name in the search field. Up popped the cover of the book that I hadn't seen in over 40 years. Wow!, talk about memories. I loved this book. It was about a girl who escaped her world into a round room that was furnished with a round velvet sofa and draped in velvet. The only visual was the cover of the book and I could imagine myself in such a room. As a kid, I would often escape to somewhere private and even if it was only a dirt patch behind the garage, it was my velvet room.

I wish I could remember the names of some of the other books. I can remember story lines, but not names. I can remember characters, even their names, but not the names of the books. I wish I had written down all the books I read as a child. Never even thought about it back then.

How about you? Do you remember some of the books from your childhood? Was there one (or more) that sparked your love for books?


Susan said...

I was a Nancy Drew fan, too. I think I read every one of them. I've thought of this often.

Karen said...

I loved the Nancy Drew series. Like you, I've thought how I should have kept a list of all those wonderful books I read. I do now.

One of the first chapter books I remember reading was Charlotte's Web. It was magical. As an adult, I bought the book on tape for a family car trip and listened to E.B. White himself tell the story.

I also remember reading a series of books about a nurse, Cherry Ames. How I loved those books!

Fun question! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Jamey said...

Oh the memories!!!! I LOVED Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase was one of my favorite! Just seeing that cover brought back some strong memories! I too would read more than one book in a day. I loved to read. I also liked the Sweet Valley High Series. And another book I really liked and remember well was The Trumpeter Swan. I read it over and over. I would use a flashlight and read under my covers at night until my mom would come in and take my flashlight :) Thanks for the memories!!

Lori said...

I love to read.

Yes, I too remember reading the Nancy Drew series.
I also remember reading the Little House on the Prairie series.

kel said...

Nancy drew was awesome!!! I hope books like those make a return!

Christine said...

I loved The Boxcar Children. I went and looked on line. I can still get them. I should.

I wish I had wrote down the titles of the books that I had read as well. I can remember books that i enjoyed and what they were about but do not remember the authors or titles.

I also read the Little House On The Prairie series.I had forgot about that one but one of your readers reminded me. LOL

Christine said...

Hahaha! I had to come back. I walked away and remember more.

Pipi Longstocking
Black Beauty
Little Women

I was talking to my hubby and asked him what he read. He fondly remembered the Danny Orlis books published by Moody Press. I checked on line for those and he can still get them. He is off to buy some as I type. LOL

diana said...

oh yah... black beauty was a favorite of mine, too. i also remembered that i liked harriet the spy.

Momma Roar said...

Yep, a Nancy Drew fan here too!

I liked the Beverly Cleary books - Romana Quimby. I also read the Sweet Valley High series and The Babysitter's club.

It is fun now to find some of my old favorites in used bookstores to bring home and read to the kids: Miss Nelson is Missing and Charlotte's Web. I need to keep thinking about this to see if I can come up with some other titles - there's used book sales coming up this spring at the local libraries!!

Amber said...

ND books were definitely on my list, along with the boxcar children, but I honestly think my all time favorite is Green Eggs and Ham, yes Sam I am! ;)

MightyMom said...

I feel like a Samaritan here....but I didn't like Nancy Drew too much.

She just didn't measure up.

See, the first book I remember reading was Ordeal by Innoncence by Agatha Christie. I still have that very book. It sparked a life long love of mysteries.

The problem with starting out reading Dame Agatha is that she's the best of the best....and any other mystery writer just can't compare. sad but true.

At last count I had about 88 Christie titles, though I think a few have been misplaced along the road.

I did read Trixie Beldon mysteries for a few years....then moved onto Lillian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who books which I will still reread periodically just cus they're great fun.

I'm currently reading Agatha Christie's The Clocks. :-)

I'm trying to think up interview questions for you....here's the best I can do.

Tell us your 5 secrets for a happy marraige.

Glenna said...

I can’t remember any books from my childhood, but your mentioning the Nancy Drew series brought back a good memory. A dear friend got me a six book series of Nancy Drew, thinking I had probably read them when I was young and wanted to bring back those good memories. Well, now I have a special memory of my friend’s love and friendship. Like you, I was reading a book a day, and when I got to the last one I thought I’m going to save it for another day which was about a year later, it was special. My favorite series that I’ve read at least twice (I don’t usually reread books) is Janette Oke’s series “Love Comes Softly.” I also like mystery books. I especially enjoy Mary Higgins Clark’s books.

I’m going to go to the library to get the book “The Velvet Room” because you are special to me.