Tuesday, February 24, 2009

viva las vegas!

Well, the gig is up. Two of you successfully guessed where Don and I are vacationing. We are enjoying our mini-vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas isn't our usual vacation destination. We're not gamblers. We're not drinkers. We're not the type that enjoys staying in a high rise hotel for any great length of time and we'd rather be out in nature than the bright lights of the Vegas strip.

But.... we needed to get away for a few days, wanted to go some place warmer than it was at home, and wanted to do it as cheap as possible. Las Vegas was the answer. We've dropped a few coins in the slot machines, done some people-watching and sight-seeing up and down the strip, seen some attractions and a couple of shows, eaten some nice meals, and went on a tour of the Hoover Dam. We've made the best of our time here and have enjoyed our mini-vacation.

My dad was the first one who guessed where we were and I quickly deleted his comment as I didn't anyone to cry foul that a family member would win the prize. Only one of my family members knew where I was (my mom) so his guess was a legitimate winner. I decided that I'd also take the next correct guess, which was from Just Mom. Congratulations to the you both and I have a prize for both of you.

Here's a breakdown of my clues:

post I

A picture of the planes; we took a plane and didn't drive and I told you I didn't need a passport; we stayed in the country.

post II

I wanted to sit by the pool and read
but it's not as warm as I would like it to be...; tells you we were in warmer climate
So instead we went to see...

the lions; MGM Grand has a lion exhibit
and tigers; Circus Circus has a tiger exhibit (Siegfreid and Roy)
bears sharks...; Mandalay Bay has a shark exhibit
oh my!

post III

I'm in a valley, where I can see the low mountains to the east and west; geographically correct. Our hotel lies in the meadows; Las Vegas, in spanish, means the meadows, but we are not shaded by trees; we're shaded by tall buildings. As we sit and eat our strip; as in the Vegas strip steak and cocktail in a fancy glass; that's the hip thing to do... walk down the strip sipping your drink out of some long fancy glass (we haven't actually done this), we enjoy the beauty of the fountains; we are right across the street from the Belagio where there is a fountain show that goes off every half hour - it really is beautiful and one of my favorite attractions here.

Thanks everyone for playing along.


barb/mom said...

What a clever idea you had! Your dad is pretty good at geography, huh!

Glad you are having such a fun mini vacation!

Just Mom said...



Still can't believe my wild answer was correct. My next guess would have been Atlantic City, N.J., followed by you decided to take a "Staycation."

Glad you're having lots of fun. I haven't been to Vegas since I was 11. All I did then was stay in my hotel room. Yeah, lots of fun.

Safe journeys home.

MightyMom said...

enjoy yourself.

Jamey said...

Ha!! Have fun while you are there!! We don't drink/gamble either but we had a lot of fun in Vegas the one time we went there. If you like to people watch it's definately the place to go :)

Momma Roar said...

Cool!! That is somewhere I've never been - no wonder I was clueless!! So glad JM won!! What a perfect birthday present!

Lori said...

What a fun getaway.

Al and I went to Vegas a couple summers ago.
The Bellagio Fountains was one of our favorites too.
We aren't drinkers nor gamblers either.
Enjoy your vacation.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I LOVE LAs Vegas! I don't really love gambling, but it is fun! On the old side of town - go hit the amazing light show - and the gambling is cheaper - $.05 slots and $.50 roulette :)