Saturday, November 3, 2007

facts, figures, and winners

Fall, Y'all bloggy giveaway is over and done with. Here's some facts and figures I'd like to share with you.

As of this writing, there were 665 links on the Mr. Linky for giveaways. I say links instead of bloggers because some people screwed up on their links and had to re-enter, making for two links for one giveaway. Or, some bloggers had more than one giveaway on their blog so they entered a link for each day or giveaway. Still, 665 is impressive. That's a lot of giveaways, and a lot of cool stuff.

I left comments for around 60 giveaways - and guess what!? I won something! That's right, I'm one winner out of, well... a lot of winners (don't know exactly how many). I won a handmade beaded bracelet from Christine of From Dates, to Diapers, and Beyond. Now all I have to do is figure out what kind of bracelet and what color beads. Thank you Christine. I'm thrilled.

I had 230 comments to my giveaway. There were a lot of people who wanted such a good movie. So, without further delay, I'll let you know who the winners were.

Holly @ 2 Kids and Tired
Sarah @ Sassyfrazz

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and entered to win the movies. Let me just say one more thing about the movie, The Ultimate Gift. If you haven't already seen it, or read the book, please go out and rent or buy this movie. It has such a powerful message. One that could change the world if people realized what was truly important in life. It's an excellent movie. And if you do go and watch it, send me an email or comment letting me know you did and what you thought of it. I'd love to hear from you.

Lastly, this falls under the "fact" part of the post; I left my giveaway post as a sticky post that stayed at the top of all of my other posts. I don't know how many readers knew or didn't know that I continued to post during the week. I just wanted to let everyone know that and that there may be three posts that you didn't get a chance to look at. A couple of them have some funny, funny pictures =]

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Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I think I entered about, no kidding, about 500 of them..and so far haven't won anything yet :( But, hopefully I will!! If not, oh well! My fingers are still recovering.

Have a great evening.


Myrna said...

Great Giveaway! I have read the book; must get the movie.

I didn't participate much this time around--Just too much going on irl to keep up with that. I think it is great fun and look forward to the next one--I'm sure there will be another in the, maybe, winter!

Congratulations to your winners!

Amber said...

Fun giveaway! But 230 comments? That's a lot of folks hankering for freebies!

Multi-Tasking Moms said...

Ha! I just was there and saw Diana and I had a feeling it was you, CONGRATS!!!

0:) Amber

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Congrats on the win! How fun.

Lynne said...

Congrats on your win, Diana.

Wow, 665 is a LOT of giveaways. I didn't have the time to check out most of them. There's a lot of generous people out there.

Ruth said...

Congrats on winning the bracelet! That's neat that you did a give away. Sorry I haven't been around for the last few weeks. I am soooo behind in...well...just about everything! LOL! That's okay, though. I just keep ploding along.

Have a great week!

jennifer said...

Good for you! You will have to take a photo of your prize for all of us:)!

I really think that this was fun...thanks for doing this for all of us....participating is pretty fun too!

Melissa said...

Not sure if this comment will work... I keep getting error messages from Blogger. OH HOW I LOVE BLOGGER! ;)
Congrats to the winners! I didn't enter as many of those giveaways as I wanted... she's talking about doing it again in January/February. Hopefully I'll win something next time :)

Our Family of Five said...

Congratulations on your bracelet. That is so cool! :)