Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it's not about me

i spent most of my day sitting here on my couch with my laptop on my lap. i was going through over 200 photos i have of our previous youth group. i picked out the good ones - 97 of them. i cropped most of them. i uploaded them to myspace and entered captions for each one. i then wrote a myspace blog letting all my young friends know that there were pictures of them on my profile.

and through all of that, i cried.

some of you don't know my history. my husband and i used to be youthworkers at a different church than we are at now. we worked in the jr. high youth group for nearly 5 years and loved each and every kid that came through our group. we kept in touch with many of them after they moved on into high school and/or after we left the church.

so today, as i was pouring over these old photographs, i couldn't help but to tear up. so many good memories. so many kids that will always have a special place in our hearts. i miss them and the time we spent together.

as i was going through the photos, i came across the one i posted here. i remember taking it on a special outing up in the mountains. as i looked at it and reflected on all that happened that day, i felt a sense of peace. i was reminded that it's all about Jesus and not me.

He gave don and i the gifts and opportunity to be with these kids. what a wonderful blessing it was and still is. i was reminded that they are His children. that He is still watching over them. and that He is still pursuing them or enjoying the relationship He has with them.

we are thankful for another place to serve. for the new kids we have come to love. and for all the kids we will meet in the future. there will always be a past. we can remember it fondly and definitely learn from it. my challenge is to not let it ruin the present or influence the future. to remember that it's all about Jesus.

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Lyndy said...

What a wonderful testimony to your servant's heart for the Lord and for the youth ministry. What a blessing you are to these kids I know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Penless Thoughts said...

Great post!!!! Your love for those kids shines through loud and clear. I love the part about the past, present and future. It is truly so important to live in the TODAY the NOW. Lovedd that picture the minute I opened up your site today. I one on the side with your white faces is tooooo cute!!!!

Jamey said...

It sounds like those kids are very lucky to have you! I love that picture!!

Anonymous said...

Kids today need people like you guys! Thanks for giving to our kids. This world needs Jesus and people like you who are so willing to serve.

Momma Roar said...

What a neat picture! The Lord has been speaking "It's not about Leigh Ann" a lot to me.

Love the Hershey's link!

Barb said...

your and Don's ministry will have many, many ripples. You have planted countless love seeds.