Sunday, June 10, 2007

is this supposed to be a vacation?

i don't feel very relaxed right now. but not all vacations are rest and relaxation. this one hasn't been so far and probably won't be. i really didn't expect it to be. we knew coming out here it would be a lot of visiting family. that means a lot of time in the van and sitting in traffic. there are just too many people here. i don't have to remind myself that this was the reason we moved away. (the above picture was taken from the top of some foothills overlooking downtown los angeles. )

yesterday we went to the santa monica pier and walked around. even though it's a crowded place, it was quite pleasureable. it had been years since i've been there. but then we headed over to the hollywood area. that was a mistake. there was some kind of fair going on and you could barely walk or drive down the streets. after a while, it became unbearable.

today we drove down to dana point and met some family members for a family portrait. the time spent with family was great and i wish we had more time with each other. it was just the time spent on the freeways that wears me out. here is the family, on don's side. our hair is blowing all over the place, but it's still a good picture, next to the ocean and all.

tomorrow we head off to visit some of my side of the family. and tuesday we'll be going to disneyland. don't know when i'll get on this next, but i'll do my best.


Jamey said...

WOW, I have never been to LA and it looks big!! We are hoping to get to Disney Land next year before our boys get to the "I'm too big" stage! I hope you get some time to relax while you are on your vacation! But I know how that goes, it's the same for us when we go home, not really a vacation.

Anonymous said...

I live in Marina Del Rey. It's not that bad here.

Penless Thoughts said...

Diana - Hi in response to your comment about the pictures on my computer....Yes a couple of months ago I spent day, upon days, upon days downloading snapshops we had. Since I'm 69 and my husband is 74 you can imagine how many I had to do. I'm the kind that, if I start a project, I just stay with it until it's finished. I guess you were "reading" my blog then as I talked about is (complained) a lot!! We have another 600+ 35 mm slides yet to do. I haven't found a way to do them yet. They are a big GAP in our history, mostly the early years of our marriage and when my girls were small. A service here will do them for 50 cents a piece. $300+ has stopped me so far. I keep thinking I'll find a way to do them myself. I have more time than money at this point in my life!!!!

Sorry to leave such a long comment but I didn't see an e-mail address to send it that way.

Have fun at Disneyland!!