Monday, June 11, 2007

mickey and minnie

tomorrow we'll be spending the whole day at disneyland. i have been to this amazing park more times than i could ever count. as a teenager, we would go for just the evening as something fun to do. i've been there with friends, with boyfriends, with youth groups, with my parents, and with my own kids. most of those times were before prices sky-rocketed and it became so crowded. in fact, the last time my family and i went (and it was actually disneyworld), we decided we wouldn't go again until don and i had grandkids to take. we had seen and done it all.

so why are we going now? ....because i DON'T have any grandkids. we decided hollee (jake's girlfriend) needed to see and experience disneyland. and for those who have never been either, it IS an experience.

i love the atmosphere of disneyland. you know, they claim to be the happiest place on earth. i don't know if i would necessarily agree with that, but the atmosphere - the whole disney theme - makes it a very SPECIAL place. so we'll face the crowds and pay the high prices to spend the day in the company of mickey and minnie, and all their friends.


Janice said...

Oh how fun!! Say HI to Mickey for me. I've never been there but can imagine how wonderful it is.

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy. I was at Disneyland in 1956. Boy - 51 years ago. It had just opened.

Anonymous said...

We went in Florida when the kids were little. It had been years before that when we were there and nothing had changed much. It was awesome!
Hope you enjoy.