Tuesday, June 5, 2007

God's love is amazing

if you haven't read the book Redeeming Love - and it sounds like there are more of you than i thought - i would highly recommend it. it is a book that will make you see God's love in a different way and help you better understand God and His will. one of the tag lines on the back of the book puts it this way, "a powerful retelling of the book of Hosea, Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God's unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love."

the friend that recommended this book told me i would read it in two days because i wouldn't be able to put it down. i have read a book in such a way before, but i didn't with this one. i can see how some would, but for me, i wanted to take breaks to reflect on what i had read. reflect on how much God loves me and how, despite this, i must hurt Him deeply at times. reflect on how selfish and judgemental i can be, even though i say i'm all about loving others.

so, it was, indeed, a life-changing book for me. my daughter also read it and loved it. she told me while she was reading it that it made her see God and His love in a different way, that she learned more about God through this book. she said it is now her favorite book. i think it is mine, too.

i don't usually recommend books and i don't like when people tell me that i need to read some book that they just loved. i've read enough books and know enough about people to know that we all have our own criteria of what makes a good book, or a favorite book. so i hesitate to do so here. but i'll go out on a limb and just say it... i think this is one book that everyone should read.

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Penless Thoughts said...

I'm going to get it and I'll let you know. Thanks for recommending it. I can tell by your recent posts it truly had an impact.

Anonymous said...

It's great! I've read it and it was recommended to me.

Barb said...

well, guess I'll be buying the book as soon as I can get to a bookstore.

barb said...

By the way, I love the picture of the clouds!!

Larissa said...

I saw your comment on Lyndy's blog about Redeeming Love. I read that book about 2 months ago, and was just amazed. I too read it in 2 days, and then I gave it to my mom. It was life changing!!! Glad to hear someone else enjoyed it as much as me!