Thursday, June 28, 2007


this picture (of all of us leaders), and the one in my previous post, was actually taken a couple of years ago. it was after we had a "crud war" with our jr. high youth group at a winter retreat. what's a crud war you may ask? it's pretty simple. it's like a food fight but played outside in a big field with the ingredients of flour, shaving cream, and water balloons. and it's every man for himself. messy (obviously), but oh, so fun!

i read this in a book the other day; "having passion is key to staying young. whether it's your job, your hobby or a cause you believe in, a vitality and passion for what you do is a passport to youthfulness." i can't agree more with this statement.

my passion is teenagers. and i truly believe they keep me young. i love being with young people. i enjoy getting to know them and spending time with them. i want to hear their stories. i want to help them to feel accepted and understood. i want to help them grow up to enjoy life and be productive citizens. i practically live to introduce them to Christ through love and understanding. i want to help them find that relationship that Christ wants with them.

teenagers can be so simple, and yet very complex. they are accepting and open with adults if they know that you care about them. my heart breaks sometimes to hear their stories, their pain, their struggles. i want to help them. i want to give them hope. it's rarely easy. in fact, it's messy, but oh, so fulfilling.

i read a story once that had a great impact on me. diane over at candid reflections had a post yesterday with a link to this same story but in movie form. i ask that if you are reading this post, please follow my link of the day to watch the movie. i believe if you watch it, you can't help but change your perspective on how you look at people, especially young people. you can make a difference in this world.

one more thing... find your passion. not only does it keep you young. it helps you live the life of joy God so wants for all of us.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Your passion stands out loud and clear!!!

marsha said...

I agree, finding a passion is important. I try to learn something new almost yearly, whether it is quilting, writing a book, roller blading or what ever, it all keeps me young.

Amber said...

Two things that I always thought would be fun to do:

1. a food fight, like with cream pies--of course I wouldn't have to clean up the mess.

2. swimming with sharks--but I don't think I truly have the nerve.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan. There is no doubt that you have found your passion! I think I'm still working on that...

Lori B said...

Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

jennifer said...

Well how fun! I agree with all that have commented, you have found your passion(gift) and are a willing servant!

Penless Thoughts said...

It's nice to refresh my memory of these and parts of you!!