Sunday, June 17, 2007


let me tell you a little bit about my daughter, dani. she is, and always has been, starstruck. she is fascinated by celebrities, especially young cute guys. she's had so many teenage crushes that i've lost count.

one of her favorite shows is the O.C. one of the young actors on the show is adam brody. she kiddingly tells people that he's her future husband. most of the O.C. (which stands for orange county) was actually filmed on location in redondo and hermosa beach (not in orange county) - which is where we were this past week on vacation. so all week she would point out different spots where adam and his castmates had been. it was all very exciting for her.

she also talked us into visiting hollywood while were out there. she wanted to see a "star." i think she thought they would just be out and about, for anyone to see. like they might be out watering their lawn or ordering a frappacino at starbucks. we didn't see any. she would have been happy to spend the entire week traveling to different places where she thought celebrities would be. she would have done just about anything to see one.

so you can imagine her excitement when a real life celebrity walked right next to her while waiting to board our airplane. she was by herself when she thought she recognized one of the members of 'nsync (a boy band from the earlier part of this decade).

when i came back to our seats, she told me who she thought she saw. i looked around and spotted joey fatone. i remember him as being part of his band but he's more recently famous from coming in second place on dancing with the stars.

so dani and hollee went over to him, asked for his autograph, and asked if the could have a picture taken with him. he was very nice, made small talk with the girls, and agreed to the picture. they motioned me over and i snapped the photo below. i also told him i thought he should have won on dancing with the stars. he smiled and said, "yah, i was robbed."

needless to say, dani was ecstatic. she got to see her celeb. even if it was within minutes of boarding the plane to come home.

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Penless Thoughts said...

God gives us the desires of our hearts !

Anne said...

Oh how fun. I never saw the group Nsync but I thought he was good on Dancing With the Stars.

Lori B said...

That was neat that you ran into a star in the airport.
We didn't see anyone famous on our trip.

Barb said...

All of your recent blogs have been good as usual. It was fun to hear about your trip. Good pictures too!

Will keep up on a daily basis now.

Well, back to Redeeming Love. The Altman family is just about to see their new cabin.

This book really hits all of one's emotions.