Friday, June 22, 2007

too much to count

thanks goes to kelli for hosting show & tell friday. it's always fun to go around a see what different bloggers have to share. i actually have two things to share this week.

these are two large glass (sparklets) water bottles filled with coins. for those of you who are too young to remember, bottled water used to be delivered in glass bottles instead of the plastic ones they are now. don and i found these on a street back around 1986/87. we probably shouldn't have taken them, but what can i say... we did.

we immediately started putting our change into them. one for pennies and the other for silver coins. we always said we would leave it all in there until our first born went off to college and we would use the money for that.

well, that was last year. and we haven't taken the money out yet. i have no idea how much is in the bottles. you can tell they're pretty full. what you can't tell is how heavy they are. the glass adds weight, but there are a lot of coins there, too. i should dump them and use the money, but then they would empty and for some reason, that would make me sad.

the second thing i want to share is my daughter danielle's new blog. i have included her in my sidebar. after watching me blog for the past couple of months, she has decided she wants to try to do the same.

i've always encouraged my kids to journal, to record their lives in some way. jake has a xanga account but probably doesn't want me to provide a link to it (i'll ask him about that). and dani has had a couple of different blog accounts but never kept up with it. i will be encouraging her to write on a regular basis as she's living here this summer. maybe by the time she goes back to school, it will have become a habit for her.

hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Jamey said...

Wow! That is a lot of change. I have always wanted to do that but have never found the perfect jar. You definately have the perfect jar!! I will have to go looking now so I can start saving my change too. I understand what you mean about being sad seeing it empty. I'm sure it was fun to watch it fill up!

Cheryl said...

I filled an old glass milk bottle with odd change... and it came out to 98 dollars. You probably have enough for a cruise lol

Penless Thoughts said...

Good for you saving all that coin and not having to use it for college!!! I would have to know how much was in it. I couldn't stand the suspense. Even if I put it back in the jars and continued to keep it!!

Trella said...

That is a huge amount of change. It would be driving me crazy to find out how much it is. Even if I didn't use it, and put it back in the bottles. So good that you didn't have to use it. I can't even begin to imagine how much they weigh.

Lori B said...

Wow! Those jars are cool. I would be interested to know how much money is in the jars too.

Pam said...

Oh those big water bottles bring back good memories! My parents had one and did the same, they kept putting change into it. One summer, there was enough money to pay for all 3 of us kids to go to camp! And then some left over to boot! So great idea you had there!

I'm on my way to your daughter's new blog.

Kelli said...

Wow! What a great way to store your change, it would drive me crazy not knowing how much was in there! LOL


Kelli said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I find the vintage postcards at various antique shops. Some of them are expensive so I look around until I find some reasonably priced ones!

Myrna said...

I loved seeing your change bottles! It brought back some memories. I am a retired principal. I have helped fill many huge water bottles with coinage! I can tell you that one full of pennies only will be at least $500--possibly more.

At one school where I worked we did a "Change for Change" fund raiser. Each class had a bottle to put change in. We put lines around the bottles with colored tape. As the class reached a new line every child in the class received a reward--We used everything from pencils to a pizza party when the bottle was full--One class filled two! We were a relatively small (not wealthy) school, but by the end of four weeks we had raised well over $6000. No one had to sell a thing.

BTW--I enjoyed visiting your blog. I will be back again!