Friday, June 29, 2007

take a hike

it's friday! (yay!) you know what that means... show & tell time. click on over to kelli's place to find links to others who are sharing today.

today i'm sharing a small pile of clothes, shoes, and a few other items. these, and more, are all going into a backpack that will be strapped to my son's back for a week. tomorrow morning he will be heading out on a backpacking trip with his youth group.

you should have seen the list they gave the kids of what to bring. not much. and they told them to bring nothing more and nothing less. so he will only have two t-shirts for the entire week, two pairs of shorts, and one pair of pants. what really gets me is they aren't supposed to bring a toothbrush, deodorant, or hairbrush. i understand packing light, but really now.

i'm sure glad i'm not a leader of this group. not only could i not stand going without a shower for a week or simple necessities such as a toothbrush, but i wouldn't want to be around 10-15 smelly kids for that long. "/

but it does sound like fun. to get away for a week, spend time in the great outdoors, all with a spiritual emphasis. jake is really looking forward to it. i'm sure he'll have a great time. i can't wait to hear about his adventurous week. but i'll do it after his shower =)

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Penless Thoughts said...

I'm with you on the shower!!!

jar said...

Who will wash those smelly clothes when he gets home?:-) Sounds like fun though.

ellen b said...

I'm sure he'll have memories for a lifetime. These experiences are the best...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I remember when my daughter went to Africa for 3 weeks and could only bring one back pack. The shower worked only with a trickle and the toilets, only when they felt like it. I'm so thankful she had a couple days in Texas before she flew back home. She had the same kind of trip to China when she was sixteen and came home with bedbugs...yuck! She loved every minute of it :)
Hope your son has the time of his life!!

Kelli said...

I'm sure he'll have a great time but I couldn't do the no toothbrush, etc!

Momma Roar said...

That trip sounds wonderful - we have a church family camping weekend coming up. I'm staying home with the little ones, but hoping to have some quiet time and relaxation - and my time will include deoderant and a shower...or better yet, a bath....

Just wanted you to stop by my blog today - I've nominated you for an award! Play along if you like!

Leigh Ann

Jamey said...

You are funny, You'll talk to him after his shower!! My boys are getting smelly already at ages 8 and 7. I didn't realize it would happen so soon, but after sports, watch out!! Luckily I still have a sweet smelling 4 year old girl (which probably won't last much longer either!!) I hope he has a great time on his trip!

Lyndy said...

I am sure he will have a blast. However, I think I would have to sneak me in a toothbrush.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Autumn said...

My brother Collin is going to Boy Scout camp this week. He always smells when he gets home!
I love your blog header. And the title. John Denver is one of my favorites.
I also like your profile picture. Where did you find it?
God Bless,